Butterflies in Autumn

My mind is swirling and butterflies are twirling in a nonsensical fashion in the pit of my stomach. So I grabbed my digital camera and Ipod and ventured out in the neighorhood to capture nature on a balmy, rainy, autumn day, exercise, relax, and train the butterflies to flutter in a circular, or at least in a more orderly fashion, so I can accomplish my tasks for tomorrow. Now that I exercised and managed the butterflies a little better, I need to tame the swirling mind. Gotta love ADD. (ADD keeps my creativity going, so there are benefits. I keep reminding myself that on days like this.) So, Steve assisted me and wrote down a list of thoughts that are spinning (much like the butterflies) in my head. And now that I am armed with a list, I will practice what I preach to my students: freewrite to clear the mind clutter. So this is what I am doing. I am clearing the mind clutter. Yay for writing. Now I am just waiting for the mind and the stomach to at least flutter in synchronicity.


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