Thursday, October 04, 2012

Java Turns Fourteen

Moshi (left) and Java (right).

I glance over at Java, who is sleeping on the grey living room couch with her tail curled over her face, and I realize that it is October. Java was born fourteen years ago in October, and to our surprise, she is still with us. Java has experienced a few illnesses in her feline life, including an abscessed fang, arthritis,and kidney disease. But with changed food (organic), meds for pain management, and unconditional love from both humans and felines, Java continues to thrive.  I must add, though, that Java's resilience is why she still currently resides on the couch beside me, sleeping deeply with her grey tail still covering the top of her grey nose, with her quiet strength and will to carry on.

1 comment:

Cathi Isza said...

Aren't are animals wonderful. To think she has blessed your life for that many years is awesome. And yes, sleeping next to you feeling safe, and well taken care of. You are one good human. xo

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