Sunday, April 14, 2013

Godzilla and Guybrarians
Last week, I commissioned a drawing from Jeremy, who is an artist, dear friend, and guybrarian.
Jeremy, like my husband, is a librarian, so I refer to them as guybrarians. I think it's cool.

I fondly remember working with Jeremy at the Main Library a few years ago, and his cubicle featured many framed art pieces .Jeremy also displayed many of his works on his Facebook page, so that inspired me to send him a message. My husband's birthday was coming up, and I envisioned an art piece for his office. So Jeremy sent me a sample sketch, and voila! Here is the finished piece. The print arrived in our mailbox the day before Steve's birthday, and I unrolled the portrait. I was so happy that I gave Steve his birthday print that evening. We are now proud owners of a Jeremy Engel print.  Once we get the print framed, we'll share the picture with you!

If you want to contact Jeremy to commission your own print, here is his contact information:
email:   or visit his website:


jeremy said...

Thanks so much for the post! It was a pleasure to do it! I turned my old cubicle into a rotating art gallery of drawings, Alex Ross and other framed comic covers and so on. I'm glad you like the Godzilla (Gojira?)!

Lori said...

We loved it! Yay!

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