Thursday, May 16, 2013

Scotland and England

On one hand, this is probably the worst time to venture to Europe since I took a pay cut to go back to graduate school. I am working several part-time jobs to gain experience and earn money through teaching and writing. Steve is also working very hard with two jobs, and we're grateful for the experiences and the opportunities. We've encountered some pretty heavy stuff this year, so we are currently re-assessing priorities.

I talked to a sympathetic friend who is also going on the trip, and we decided that this is the perfect time to get away. Admittedly, occasional escapism is the best medicine. Getting out of dodge is the best thing to do. We're running away from home for awhile; this trip may be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We are not going to pass up on this experience, as who knows if we will ever have the chance to do this again. 

No more waiting. I'm done with being afraid as life continues to pass by. Anyway,what is life without some kind of risk? 


Marci said...

I completely agree that now is INDEED the time! And why NOT now, when you will need to shore up all of the magic and wonder that life has to offer so when life gets harder... you have that to draw on! I am so glad for your experience!

Marci said...

Ohhh this is the PERFECT time for the two of you to shore up some magical wonder to draw on as you face some dark hours ahead! I am so glad you are going!

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