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Thirty Days of Gratitude

Hello, again.
Gratitude has been on my mind lately, not just because of Thanksgiving, but because I have had time to momentarily slow down and reflect on this past semester. Do teachers and students out there also think about seasons as semesters? ;)
Here is my list. Each one represents each day of November. These are in random order.

30. I am grateful for Doctor Who and the Tardis.
29. I am grateful for our sixteen-year-old coffee maker, which still makes great water for coffee and tea. (I am sipping cinnamon tea right now. Mmm.)
28. I am grateful for our 107-year-old house. Our modest home houses a lot of good memories.
27. I am grateful for good neighbors who have become good friends in the past 13+ years.
26. I am grateful for my 10-year-old car. Greenie and I have driven many miles together and we have many more miles to go.
25. I am grateful for mentors and the teaching opportunities at Brown Mackie College, Ivy Tech Community College, and Indiana University.
24. I am g…