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Thesis is Defended!

Last Monday was a very good day. I had hairapy at Salon Rouge, donned my summer khaki-colored business suit with the sapphire top since it was still technically summer, and strolled down to Wiekamp Hall at Indiana University South Bend. Since March 2014 I have been waiting for this day, sometimes patiently, most days anxiously, to meet and defend my thesis. Steve walked with me, encouraging as always. He said he was more nervous than I was.

The experience was like my academic advisor had suggested: it was more of a celebration and a thoughtful discussion on my topic, which is expressive freewriting. I spoke for about 5-7 minutes on the writing process, key concepts, prolific authors, and the takeaways.

After my introduction, it was a question and answer session with the thesis committee (which I hand-picked) and with the Director of the MLS program. I thought fielding the questions would be difficult, but it really was not difficult at all.

When the question and answer session …

Labor Day Weekend

The end of the unofficial summer is here. I am looking forward to a new season—the summer lake season is still hard to navigate emotionally, but it has gotten easier. Steve and I are also grateful that we have successfully navigated a couple of health issues this year.

We are also looking forward to celebrating the completion and defense of my thesis—I really hope that it will be sooner than later. After the diploma is in my hands, we can take a deep breath. What do I want to do when I grow up? I am still trying to figure it out. But for now, I just want to do library stuff, teach, and write.

For now, Steve and I are spending a lovely weekend snuggling with kittehs, watching movies, dining with friends, and swimming. (Steve stayed in the clubhouse and wrote while I swam.) It was a peaceful swim. Thank you, Sean and Lisa!

Hope your weekend has been enjoyable so far!