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The Direction of the Blog


Not to be cliche', but I cannot believe how time has passed. This past September marked the ninth year that this blog has been launched, and I completely missed it. In September 2016, Marimba and Ice will be ten years old. This blog has been like a friendship; the kind of friendship that picks up right where it was left off no matter how much time has passed.

How did that happen? A lot has happened in 9+ years, and looking back, I can see that Marimba and Ice took quite a few twists and turns. Some years (like this one) I hardly blogged at all; other years I blogged almost every day. I am happy and proud to see a few of my friends contemplating and/or successfully blogging. This blog has been an outlet in the good times, and a safety net in the tough times. In this blog, my writer's voice has grown a little bitter, older, and hopefully a bit wiser. However, the forties have revealed to me of how little I know, and that I have so much more to learn--both in real lif…

Writerly Books and a Website


I hope you enjoyed your holiday. Steve and I visited friends and family; we are currently enjoying a quiet staycation. Today Steve and I made the blissful mistake of visiting Barnes and Noble(B&N) on the Sunday after Christmas after picking up makeup from Ulta.
B&N was right next door-- we couldn't resist.

There were a lot of sales and a couple of writing reference books (read:tax write-offs) I picked up.
Here was the swag (in no particular order) I purchased:

1. Poet's Market 2016
2. Writer's Market 2016
3. Be Happy by Patrick Lindsay
4. The Pocket Book of Positives by Arcuturus
5. Two sets of Season's Greetings cards (Don't judge me--I start writing my cards after Christmas and they were half off!)
6. Star Wars notepad (Because I am a nerd and it was an impulse buy.)

I've already thumbed through part of Poet's Market. I haven't purchased one for awhile. I'm looking forward to cracking open Writer'sMarket. The goals are t…

The Electric Brew

Finding my Words in The Electric Brew

It's seven p.m.--
do you know
where your poems are?

I accomplished something
I have not accomplished
for awhile

I wrote a poem

during an open mike
poetry and words night
in a charming cafe
nestled in downtown
Elkhart, Indiana

swimming in
after a word drought

I wrote a poem

after writing
after presenting
after seeing

people smiling
people laughing
people clapping

I want to
write another poem

I want to swim
in oceans of words

where I know
where my poems are
at seven p.m.


*The website for The Electric Brew is