Sunday, December 27, 2015

Writerly Books and a Website


I hope you enjoyed your holiday. Steve and I visited friends and family; we are currently enjoying a quiet staycation. Today Steve and I made the blissful mistake of visiting Barnes and Noble(B&N) on the Sunday after Christmas after picking up makeup from Ulta.
B&N was right next door-- we couldn't resist.

There were a lot of sales and a couple of writing reference books (read:tax write-offs) I picked up.
Here was the swag (in no particular order) I purchased:

1. Poet's Market 2016
2. Writer's Market 2016
3. Be Happy by Patrick Lindsay
4. The Pocket Book of Positives by Arcuturus
5. Two sets of Season's Greetings cards (Don't judge me--I start writing my cards after Christmas and they were half off!)
6. Star Wars notepad (Because I am a nerd and it was an impulse buy.)

I've already thumbed through part of Poet's Market. I haven't purchased one for awhile. I'm looking forward to cracking open Writer's Market. The goals are to write because it is fun, and to earn some additional income (cat food is expensive!). I came across an online website on writing and if you are a writer, I think you will like it. The blog is called Creative Writing Now. The authors included a free PDF of writing prompts.

The happy books are to lift my spirits, and in turn, for me to lift your spirits! This past year has had a lot of highs and lows; I am anticipating a calm, creative,happy, and peaceful new year for all of us.

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