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Fitness Weekend


Well, I did it. My walking and yoga DVDs are collecting dust, and I was rather anxious and depressed this past week. So, I drove over to the local Planet Fitness and snagged myself a membership. There was even a free black t-shirt involved. Awesome! Thank you, D., for posting your statuses on Facebook--your posts encouraged me to sign up. Plus, I have a guest pass, so I can bring Steve or a friend with me. Some of my local friends go there as well, so that is additional motivation! I am confident that working out will give me more motivation to play, teach, work, and write.

I worked out on Saturday; I plan to visit Planet Fitness again ASAP!

Today (Sunday) I participated in a 45-minute walk with BMC for St. Margaret's House. It is a local nonprofit organization that helps women and children in need. There were so many people there today. What a celebration! After the walk, we were invited to tour St. Margaret's House. They also had hot chocolate, water, and cookies for…

Friday Night Poeting: Hay(na)ku

Good evening! I'm not feeling the best and am tired from the week, so I'm happily perched up in my room with a couple of kittehs to keep me company for a poetic night and a poetic posting.

I've been reading the latest version of Poet's Market. Robert Lee Brewer, the editor, includes a fun section on poetic forms. One of the forms I have been working on is called Hay(na)ku. According to Brewer, this poetic form was created in 2003 by a poet named Eileen Tabios. I have not heard of Eileen Tabios or Hay(na)ku before, so I will be looking for her works.

Brewer explains the three-line poem by Tabios. There is one word in the first line, two words in the second line, and three words in the third line. That's it. Anything else goes in the poem. It seems like Haiku-lite to me, and Hay(na)ku is so much fun to write!

Here are a few poems that I came up with after reading about this new form:

solstice moonrise
colder than frostbite.


An Ekphrastic Poeting and Editing Opportunity

Happy February!

I am so glad that I have switched priorities around so that artistic and poetic opportunities can surface! One of my dearest artist friends presented me with both a writing (poetry) and an editing opportunity with the South Bend Museum of Art. I am excited about the prospects!

Last week, four of us (two South Bend Museum of Art members, the curator, and me) met to launch a chapbook. Several poets (just shy of 20) were asked to visit the South Bend Museum of Art, study one of the art pieces in the permanent collection, and write a poem (or poems) about it.

I did not know there was a name for it. The form of poetry is called ekphrastic poetry. Have you ever heard of it? I had not until recently! Microsoft Word has not even heard of it--I had to add "ekphrastic" to their dictionary. I have also seen the word "ekphrasis" on Google.

According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary (online), ekphrasis is defined as "a literary description of or a commenta…