Saturday, March 19, 2016

Saturday Morning and Shiny Object Squirrel Cell Phone Monday

Saturday, March 19,2016

Good morning. It is after 2:00 a.m. on Saturday morning. Besides Oscar and Marimba Mari Mittens (the two youngest felines), I am the only being awake in the house. Sakura and Steve are currently snoring in sync (I am not joking), and Moshi has most likely taken my place on the bed.

Java has now awakened from her spot on the couch and is hobbling towards the kitchen, most likely looking for the water bowl. Soon after, I hear her drinking in the kitchen.

Anyway, I started to share with you what happened on Monday, but I was dealing with anxiety and juggling job deadlines. As the old adage goes, late is better than never. I will give you the shortened version.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Oh, my goodness did ADHD rear its ugly head today! Ugh!

First of all, I never thought I would be this attached to my cell phone. Prior to 2015, I did not think I would have a smartphone. Now, I do not know how Steve and I managed without them. If I ever had to choose between the smartphone and the stove, the stove would have to go. (I did not even pause.) Thanks to the microwave and the slow cooker, we would still survive. Who knew I was going to spend my Monday evening retracing my steps.

I worked at BMC all day today. After leaving the library (I tutor on the third floor), I trekked back to my desk in the cubicle farm, scooped up my belongings, and descended down the stairs. I looked forward to relaxing on the couch and watching the telly this evening. I nonchalantly searched for my cell phone to call Steve to tell him that I was running late and would be home soon. No cell phone. I searched all over the building, and after calling Steve frantically from the office phone, I eventually drove home. Fortunately, Steve was able to trace my phone from his. He remotely locked up my phone and then he traced where my cell phone was located. It was somewhere at BMC.

Steve drove me to BMC. I introduced Steve to Tom, the security officer. (Tom was instrumental in locating the cell phone.) I searched all over in the women's bathrooms, the student lounge, my desk (again), the drawers in my cubicle, and the library (again). Annoyed and anxious, I even went dumpster diving into the recycle and trash bins on the three floors. Yup, that's me-- keepin' it classy. I felt like a junkie searching for lost drugs--instead, it was a lost phone.

Finally, Steve was able to call my cell phone and make it ring (loudly) for five minutes. The sound was coming from my cubicle! Tom the Security Officer crawled underneath the dark desk and located the cell phone, which fell behind the desk onto the floor. I called him my hero. My colleagues were helpful, and also cracking up at me. So, Steve and I drove home and all was well, except my adrenaline was high from the anxiety of misplacing the cell phone.

I decided that I need a magenta-colored phone case. I also need a brightly-colored lanyard to tether the stupid cell phone around my neck, or around my wrist, so I will not have to dive into a trash bin anytime soon.

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