Friday, April 01, 2016

Java Sigety: October 1, 1998- April 1, 2016

deafening silence
of an empty

carrier haunted
us as we

drove home
from the vet.

Our Lady Princess Java was put to sleep today after a long hard battle with kidney disease, arthritis, hyperthyroidism, and cancer. She was breathing hard this week, and we took her in today for x-rays. We were afraid of the results, and our dread was soon confirmed. We decided to do the most loving peaceful thing for her-- let her go. There were many days we weren't sure that she would come home with us, but we were a little taken off-guard that today was the day.

Steve and I adopted Java seventeen-and-a-half years ago from our friend's friend. We were only a couple years into our marriage, and we were living in a small apartment in South Bend, IN. She took a liking to our resident boy cat, Jack. Java is now with him in Heaven. Java's passing is an end of an era--she has been with us in our twenties, thirties, and mid-forties. We are grateful to have had her with us for so long.

How odd it is that today there were storms while Java was at the vet, and on our way home the sun came out while the rain abated. I think it was Java's way of telling us that she is okay, no longer in pain, and is with Jack. We love her and we will see her again someday, but wow, does it hurt.

We love you, Java. RIP, our catnip kitten.


Cynth'ya Reed said...

"Java's Shadow."

Life is but a purr.
It echoes curious surprises
that leap across the room
when least expected...
Yet I cannot bear rumblings
deep within my own belly.
Their precarious prowling
cannot be ignored;
and the eyes of my sadness
pierce the silence.

Counting backward all of
Time is come,
Time is gone,
Time will eventually heal.

Dedicated to you Lori, Steve & of course,

Marci Ullery said...

Love to you and Steve, there is never enough time with our babies. She grew you up❤️

Lori said...

Thank you for your poetry and kind words! Love you both. <3

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