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Old Friend


Marimba and Ice is an old friend. I may not visit or write as often as I intend to, but this blog has been here since 2005. We've been through a lot. I momentarily panicked when I could not remember the password to access the dashboard, but obviously I am here and so are you, so all is well.

Hope you are well.

Spring has sprung since we chatted last, and National Poetry Month(April) finished up this weekend. What else is going on? I'm still learning a new job that I still love. I'm spending time with Steve, the fur kids, and loved ones. I harassed Steve about turning as old as me this month. (We're the same age for three months.)

I co-edited a poetry anthology called WordPlay. I co-wrote a gaming article for a blog called Gnome Stew that was released last week. Collaboration is a lot of fun--I think that is where I do my best writing. I'm writing copy for our teen blog at work, and I'm stumbling through maintaining our Instagram account at my job. …