Saturday, October 22, 2005

Kari's Climbers, Full Moon Rising, Hi-YA, Tae Kwon Do, and Halloween

Hello, there! It's been an interesting two weeks! Steve and I visited my parents at Gravel Lake. Lots of yummy food and company. Cousins Steve and Goobs came up too! Goobs is a librarian working in Chicago (watch out-two library buns in the family!)She also ran in the Chicago Marathon (YAY Goobs!) Steve works in Chicago and is a spokesperson for the American Lung Association. He has Cystic Fibrosis and survived a double lung-transplant 5 years ago. He is one of the most optimistic persons I know. He is heading up Hustle Up the Handcock in February, which is a run for the American Lung Association. I may haul my buns (librarian and otherwise) up 94(?) flights of stairs to the top of the Handcock Building. If you want to sponsor me, let me know. I'll be stepping under "Kari's Climbers." In Tae Kwon Do I'm having a good time. The philosophy lessons are creativity and optimism. I've worked halfway through my white-yellow belt and working towards earning the full yellow belt. Then it's orange. It's great having goals, learning new moves, making new friends, and toning up. Well, if I haven't already blasted your email with this note, it was officially announced on the full moon that I will be transfering to the LaSalle Branch Library. I'm very excited! My first day on the new job will be Halloween. I am tempted to dress up as the wicked witch with a big wart on my nose, but will opt for cute whiskers and ears. Meanwhile, I think Esme the Ghost (North Liberty) is irate that I am leaving, as she wreaked havoc on the T-1 line. We have been down for two days and I have too much to do before I finish next Friday! On another note, are you doing anything for Halloween? Please let me know! I am interested. Good night!

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Let Down the Library Bun and put on the Belt

Hi-YA! (Miss Piggy would be proud) I am excited to share with you that I have earned my first belt! I am now a white-yellow belt with two black notches (for attending classes.) It's been so much fun and great for stress! The night I promoted to white-yellow started off as a rough day at the north but eventually progressed into a positive Hi-YA adventure! Beating the yell out of a punching bag (I meant to say yell)and doing round kicks (my favorite kind) really takes one's mind off of things. I highly recommend Tae Kwon Do for everyone. The philosophy message for September was reliability... October is creativity (one of my favorite things).I like the all around well-ness aspect of it. And Jerry and Lari Sponseller ROCK! I adore them and the school. Speaking of creativity, I am seriously considering writing a column for a newspaper based on my adventures and mis-adventures with life. I have thought of "Adventures With Greenie" (car stories and tips) or "The Writing Librarian" or "Adventures with Greenie and the Writing Librarian?" This is in addition to my library gig. A couple of my friends have suggested it and I'm thinking, why not? Right now I can't imagine doing anything else but enjoy happy bun-ness, silly writing, indulging in carb attacks, doing tae kwon do, hanging out with family, friends,fur children, and reading! (Sometime I'll add in drumming again... when life settles down.) Book suggestion: I read Devil in the White City by Erik Larson for book club. Very cool. It's about the World Fair in Chicago in 1893, from the perspective of two men: an architect and a serial killer. Cree-py, but beautifully written. I will quote my cousin "Dr. Holmes is a freak-show!" Yup. Have a great week!

Sunday, October 09, 2005

An apple a day...

Thank you for awaiting my next post! I have been meaning to post earlier, but you know how that goes. Time is flying by! Last week (or was it the week before?) our theme for story hour was on Apples. I have an interesting story for you... This happened the Saturday before last (not Saturday, October 9). An apple a day They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away...not in my case. After I worked at the library and closed up at 2:00p.m., I drove the half-hour trek to my parents' house on Lincolnway to visit. They are remodeling a home to sell and are doing a terrific job. When I arrive, Mom and Dad take a break from painting. Dad is gimping around upstairs since he twisted his ankle, so we make sure he is still breathing before Mom and I go outside to chat. I notice the three apple trees on the side yard have beautiful red apples. I suggest to Mom to get a garbage bag and gather some of these apples to make pies. (Of course, she would be baking them... we all know my momentous experiences in the kitchen...) So when Mom returns with the bag, we start shaking the trees. The bees are rather obnoxious (I'm sure that's what they're thinking, too) and lots of beautiful apples fall from the trees. Plunk, plunk, plunkety-plunk plunk. I even get a little closer into the middle tree and shake it like crazy!Plunk plunk clunk. A large apple drops down, hits my thick head, and splits. I now have chunks of fresh apple stuck to my head. Ouch. Of course, ouch is not what I said. Admittedly, I went into Krusty the Clown mode and said the, um, first thing on my mind. And admittedly, it isn't blog-appropriate. In front of my Mother, nevertheless. Oh my. Mercy. And I may have remembered that she may have used my first and middle name together "Lori Lynne!" (Resembles a country singer,hmm?) Oops. I apologized profusely for my faux paus and she got over it pretty quickly. Actually, she was cool about it (My sister and I taught Mom some spicy curse words after coming home from college--their hard-earned money put to good use). After I came in from the apple incident with a slight headache, she noticed I was itching around my middle. She asked me my symptoms and I told her I had hives or a rash. She peered at my side and informed me that my Dad had the same symptoms and he ended up having a nasty case of Shingles (Shingles is pretty serious, especially if you're older). She went into uber mom mode and instructed me to go to the doctor right away! I promised her I would and when I arrived home to my poor, unsuspecting husband Steve, I told him,too. I would never visit the ER again unless I was dying. A clunk on the head from an apple and suspicious hives did not warrant striking a pose in one of those slinky putrid gowns, so we opted to go to Med Point. The Med Point was located in the same building as my torture chamber sessions (physical therapy with a WONDERFUL therapist). It was a little crowded, but we made it in and out within two hours. Pretty quickly. No one laughed when I explained my apple injury and my hives. After filling out paperwork, we sat down next to this neat aquarium. My cats would love this--live fish and all--until I glanced at a cute gold and white fish who turned belly up and the others started nibbling at it. Gross. This is turning into another gross fish tail. (Yes, I spelled "tale" incorrectly on purpose.) (A previous fish story happened in my garden this year--it turned out to be fish MURDER in my fish pond. But that's another story). So I see the kindly doctor. He looks into my eyes and there's no concussion. He looks at my head and picks apple remanents out of my hair. He looks at my abdomen with my lovely hives and the one curly hair I forgot to clip before I left! (You'll sleep better tonight knowing that.) Anyway, it's just an allergic reaction to bug bites. Wonderful. At least I don't have shingles. So Steve and I left for home. And that ends my apple adventure. Here's a song to end with... "Apple on a stick, makes me sick! Makes my tummy go ick ick ick!" Have a good week! xo Lolo

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