Sunday, November 25, 2007

Cool Quote

"On with the dance, let joy be unconfined...." -Mark Twain I found this quote on the tag of a Celestial Seasonings Tea Bag. I liked the quote so much I wanted to share it with you! Have a joyful week. ;)

I Decorated a Fru- Fru Tree One Sunday Afternoon

I drove home to see my folks and to decorate the toilet-brush (artificial) tree in the living room. It's a green tree in a white room with cream curtains, old family photographs, china, and cool antique furniture. I call it the fru-fru (short for frilly) room. Dad, who is well, a guy, looks kind of funny in the fru-fru room, especially when he ties the pretty gold bow at the top of the fru-fru tree in the fru-fru room because he is the tallest. He is also a bit fru-fru himself living with all the estrogen (one wife and two daughters) all these years.

Mom is doing spring cleaning and authentic fake house since family and friends are visiting more often. She gave me our Claddaugh cake topper, the mesh part of the veil (the part one of the male party guests sported during the wild reception), old wedding invitations, copies of the wedding program, and the folder of the entire planning of the Caskey-Sigety wedding/reception over 10 years ago. Wow. I remember just showing up and dressing up. My Mom and sister planned just about everything for me. I am so fortunate to have my family and friends in my life.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving Weekend: Burned Biscuits

Happy Friday and Saturday (by the time I finish this blog.) I have to show you evidence that Scorch (c'est moi) lived up to her name and with the help of Steve, burned one batch of biscuits on Thanksgiving. We just chopped the burned edges off and they tasted fine! (No family member was harmed in the consumption of these biscuits.)

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksreading: Cool Green Stuff

Hi! Here's the blog I will post to the library's website. (

More blogs soon!

I hope you enjoyed a restful and peaceful Thanksgiving with your family and friends. If you are joining the masses of crowds for the annual Friday midnight-or-morning-after Thanksgiving shopping spree, I hope you find the best parking space and the perfect sale!

If you are like me who tends to be crowd shy and considers sleeping a hobby to perfect, I would recommend Green Cool Stuff to accompany you on your on-line quest for the perfect and green holiday gift. Dave Evans, a photographer from Australia, includes fabulous websites featuring recycled objects starting from beach necklaces created from bits of plastic found on a beach to vertical gardens by Patrick Blanc. My personal favorite is the giggles bracelets made from discarded Barbie dolls. Check it out!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

End of Costume Party-Revenge of the Cats

This is their side of the story, illustrated by Latte and Jack. I think Java,the most intelligent of them all, ran upstairs.

Chicken Jack

Poor Chicken Jack. Such a good sport. Please note that the kitties sported these costumes for about 2 minutes tops.


P.S. Does this make me a stage mom or a crazy cat lady?

Jovial Javacat

You have to sleep sometime.

Poor Java. She is such a good sport. I'll have to feed her some extra turkey to make up for this humiliation. She is a sweet kitty and our low-maintenance girl. She's the muse cat.


Chicken Latte

Instead of Chicken Little, Chicken Latte! I entered this photo in the bst dressed pet contest. Jack and Java's were pretty funny, too. (I'll post those separately.) We snapped the photos after attending a friend's party.

I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving.


Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sleepy Weekend

(This is a photograph of Latte taking an intense nap this fall.)

This weekend I spent time with my parents,Steve, the library, and with my friends. One of our friends hosted a slumber party for their 8-year-old twins. It was a riot. They gave us pizza and sweet white wine. Okay, I only drank two glasses.(I wasn't driving.)

In-between the busy weekend, I slept. A lot. Probably too much, but I'm perfecting a new hobby. Probably with all the recent events in my life.

One of my girlfriends treated me to breakfast this morning. (Thank you.) I spent a lot of time this afternoon/evening with Mom and Dad...the silver is polished for Thanksgiving.

I'm steeling myself for the holidays. It will be emotional this year.

It's time for another nap. Oh, wait, it's bedtime. Sweet dreams...

Friday, November 16, 2007

Nerd Love: Star Trek the Pilot Episodes in Digital Format

(A clip from the original Star Trek series.)
Yes, I am an outed trekker. Steve and I attended the 10:00p.m. Star Trek pilot episodes on Thursday night (a school night) and I stayed awake! (The evening nap helped.) The episodes were out of this world! (Couldn't resist.)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Poem: For a Time

For a Time

It's 11:30p.m. for a while.

I burrow under the covers for a while.

I cry for a while.

I toss and turn in bed for a while.

Frustrated, I get up for a while.

I drink diet coke for a while.

I surf the web for a while.

I check my email for a while.

Soon I'll go back to bed for a while.

Because tomorrow is Thursday...

for a while.


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Healing Techniques---Breathe Through Your Heart

Breathe Through Your Heart

Breathing is one of the simplest ways to transform energy. This is an exercise you can do throughout your day: Place your hands on your heart and feel your heart moving as you breathe. This is calming, and feeds the energy of love, peace, and harmony in the world.

Healing Techniques---Look in a Mirror

Look in a Mirror

Before reacting to a challenging situation, try emoting as you watch your reflection in a mirror. No one wants to see herself acting out in a toxic way. You may feel silly, but don't let this stop you. Taking ourselves too seriously is one of the causes of negative thoughts.

Healing Techniques--Express; Don't Send

Stress can make us act in ways we might regret later on. It is OK to have problematic emotions, and it's important to acknowledge your feelings. Just be careful not to send the energy as a "poison dart" to yourself, others, or into the world.

Healing Techniques--Think of a Favorite Face

Think of a Favorite Face
The energy behind your emotions goes to all living beings. If confronted by someone who triggers problematic emotions for you, think of a loved one and impose his or her image on the face of the person challenging you. For example, you might work with the face of a baby, kitten, puppy, or your favorite flower.

Healing Techniques--Watch Your Words

Watch Your Words
Your words, like thoughts and emotions, have the power to change your experience and the world we live in. This applies to both the words we say out loud to others as well as self-talk. If you tell yourself that you're not a good person, you begin to manifest this reality. Fill your mind with positive words and this is how your life will unfold.

Healing Techniques--See the Divinity in Others

See the Divinity in Others
Never pity others who you perceive as suffering--this only pushes them deeper into a hole. When you see people in their divine light and perfection you help give them the strength they need to deal with their troubles. Remember that your perception creates your reality.

Healing Techniques--Connect with Nature

Connect With Nature
We are a part of nature. When we are in a state of stress we are cut off from the nurturing we receive from the elements -- earth, air, water, and fire (the sun) -- and we can actually become ill. Nature is a great healer. Take time out and connect with the natural world whenever you can.

Healing-Techniques--Work with Water

Work with Water

The life-force of water can wash away your pain, and the simplest activities can have a healing effect. As you wash your hands, take a shower, or stand in the rain, visualize negative energy flowing from you and being transformed into light.

Healing Techniques-Protect Yourself With Light

Protect Yourself With Light

If you feel someone is psychically attacking you or being energetically hostile toward you, imagine a protective light surrounding you. Some people think of a white energy field; I imagine being enclosed in a translucent blue egg. Find a color that works for you. This will protect you from any harmful energies being sent your way.

Healing Techniques- Respond with Love

I took a few days off to rest, spend time with Mom and Dad, and do some errands before Thanksgiving week. A dear friend of mine sent me an email with great insight on healing. (Thank you, Cyn-cyn). I'd like to share them on my blog. I've used some of the techniques before, and it helps.
Respond With Love
You do not have to be the receiver of negative and toxic energy from others. You can return the energy you don't wish to receive with love. Responding with love will prevent you from moving into attack position and creating more negative energy. It is only love that heals.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Red Life Flower

Yesterday proved to be a difficult afternoon. After I found out about Mom's prognosis of terminal lung cancer, I left work with dignity despite the meltdown I had in my office.
(Thank goodness for doors and manager's offices.)
Steve met me at home and we drove to my folks house. Cry, hug, sniffle, take a bite of pizza, sniffle, cry, take another bite of pizza, chew, swallow... (you get the picture.)
Today I called in heart-sick, spent the day in bed in light slumber in my pajamas with a warm cat, emailed and talked to family and friends. In all the shock and bewilderment of everything happening, I am also surrounded by a warm blanket of family and friends. It's like a big spiritual hug.
I also perused through nature photos of the past and found a perfect one. A lone red flower among the murky wood and fallen leaves. It's a red life flower, representing resilience and a fight.

Love, Lolo

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Simplify, Hot Tea, and Meditation

I am trying to simplify my life through books, hot camomile tea, and deep meditation. I need to stay calm and rested so I can stay strong for the challenges which lie ahead.
I'm reading a book called Simplify Your Space: Create Order and Reduce Stress by Marcia Ramsland. I am all over it.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Food, Goodreads, and Mist

I hope you enjoyed a lovely weekend. On Friday I spent the afternoon with Mom while Dad went on honey-do errands. It was nice to just hang out, watch soaps, watch Dr. Phil chew out people, and eat yummy lasagna a friend delivered to the house.

Saturday I played library. It was a fun day. Saturday night we dined with friends at a tasty Korean restaurant. It is locally owned and operated. I love dining at local restaurants. So charming and fun. My friends rock. I love them. I checked Goodreads and it is so much fun! It's like an intellectual Myspace for readers.

My friend Yvette actually sent the link to me. If you want to be my reading friend, send me an email...I'll add you to my list. People share books and review them. It is your own personal reader's advisory website!
Sunday morning I attended church with a friend (his girlfriend was singing). It was an interesting church. The minister and many people wore jeans. I liked that... as long as people come to church, be comfortable. (Suffering is optional). He quotes James 4:14 as Words to Live By: "You are mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes."
He then delivered a message to the audience that really touched me. Live every day. They interviewed an ALS patient on the movie screen and asked him what was important in life.
Family and friends. Not money, not the promotion, not the next material item.

Tuesday Blog: Sakura

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