Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Monday

I like it when it storms on Memorial Day. It's Mother Nature's way of showing respect for fallen soldiers and for loved ones who have passed away. I believe the rain forces people to slow down a bit and reflect. I wrote the following poem today on the way home from Gravel Lake. Memorial Day, Chamberlain Cemetary, 2010 To my right, in the distance in the family of trees a bird serenades us high-low, high-low with a mourning song To my left, in the distance in the gray-white sky thunder warns us rumble-hum, rumble-hum with a warning song Directly in front of us on the ledge of the gray headstone several stones accompany the stone I left for her last year stones attempt to seal gaping holes left right in the torn hearts of those like mine who love her.

Saturday, May 29, 2010


As readers, I wanted to give you a heads-up concerning comments. I now have the settings where I preview each and every comment before I post, and I will be more careful to moderate before publishing. Although family and friends know my blog address, anyone from the world can technically access this blog. If you want to write something to me personally, please send me a message via Facebook or leave a comment with your email addy (and I won't publish it) so we can talk via email. The last thing I want to do is break any confidences or cause any bad feelings. Please continue to add comments. I would like to hear from you. :)

Friday, May 28, 2010


It's been an exceptionally crazy week. Last night I walked around the neighborhood and noted the full moon (and it was a weird day.) If you are just catching up in my whirl-world, here is what has ensued in the last week: 1.) Finishing up at the LaSalle Branch. May Tracking, time cards, reports, and information to pass on to J (my successor). 2.) Two interviews in two days for a college. I'll be teaching Comp I next week! 3.) A wonderful lunch and surprises from my colleagues and coordinator. It was a nice and uneventful last day at LaSalle. Many regular patrons stopped by for a hug and a goodbye and to stay in touch. I didn't cry. I feel numb...and I feel at peace, somehow. I have made peace with libraryland. I am no longer a Manager of a Library Branch. I am now just... me.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Rainy Sunshine Wednesday

Today resembles what I am experiencing. This evening, I am driving to visit J and K @ ArtPost to collaborate on our book. On one side of the sky, there are dark clouds and huge raindrops falling on my windshied. On the other side, there are blue skies and sunshine. Sunshine tears soaking the windshield. I looked for the rainbow and discovered that the colors are emerging from inside. This is my last week in libraryland. It's been strange and wonderful. I also had two interviews at a college this week. I'll be teaching Comp I starting next Tuesday. Pretty cool and wonderful! :)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday Night Venting

I am continually reminded to never underestimate the power of the written word. I am touched when people show kindnesses, especially from the library community. (I love my library friends.) However, I am still shocked when people are insensitive. I was floored tonight after reading a comment. You know what is the kindest thing to say/write to someone who has lost a loved one? "I'm sorry." No one wants obnoxious advice. And don't tell someone "She/he's in a better place." because she or he isn't here. My point is: never disrespect someone's grief. Ever. It doesn't end after a year. And actually, it never does.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Flutes and Border's

I dedicate this blog post to my sister, because watching this group tonight reminded me of her. I love social networking. One of my neighbors posted on FB that she was performing with her ensemble tonight. Steve and I thought it would be fun to go to Border's and watch the performance. The ensemble, better known as SAGWA Valley Flute Association and Flute Choir, consisted of musicians who perform up to ten shows a year in various venues. I learned tonight that a flute choir has to have piccolo flutes, C flutes (the one you usually see in concerts), alto flutes, and bass flutes. The ensemble dedicated one of the songs to a couple who celebrated their 62-year wedding anniversary. Sixty-two years! It was touching. Some of the music was familiar like Vivaldi and others were new to me such as Ricky Lombardo and Gary Schocker. For more information, please visit their website: Listening to the flute choir brought back memories. My sister played the flute (and she was awesome!) She participated (mostly unwillingly) in the drum-and-fife wars that erupted in our bedrooms upstairs while we were supposed to be practicing. The sound wars usually resulted in simulanteous howls of irritated parents and Brutus the family dog.

Friday, May 21, 2010


Today I was blown away by the kindnesses of administrators, colleagues, coordinators, patrons, staff, and volunteers @ SJCPL. I knew there was a good-bye party/reception at the branch. My staff always throws a potluck with class and elegance, but this one took the proverbial cake (or should I say, cheesecake cupcakes and so much more!) Around 11 o'clock, staff called me out of the office and led me into the community meeting room. The tables, decorated with yellow and cream tablecloths, contained beverages, flowers, food, and other swag. A beautiful message was inscribed on the board drawn with flowers: Lori, Write, write, write and remember us when the royalties come in! We'll miss your wonderful sense of fun! There were beautiful flowers for my memory garden. There were cards. There was a gift certificate. And this surprise totally rocked the house: a memory album created by friends across the library system-- for me. I actually brought a little journal for people to write their memories and my staff said this is what it is and pointed to a gorgeous album. And I opened the album. And I caught my breath. And I started to choke up. And then people started coming in, despite the heavy rain, storms, and tight schedules. Others who couldn't attend sent cards or emails. The soiree lasted from 11-3. Accolades, food, hugs, memories, photographs, And it was a beautiful afternoon, even with the heavy rain and thunder. The clouds parted and an overcast sky greeted me while driving home. I will never forget today. I am humbled.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Poem: Enter the Geek Fish Nation

It's 5:00 a.m. Do you know where your poems are? I'm attempting to get this one onto the screen. Some of the humorous Barbie doll poetry at ArtPost inspired me to write this one. Hope you find it amusing or at least "fishy." Enter the Geek Fish Nation One winter, at the time the seventies morphed into the eighties and our subdivision consisted of houses sparsely sprinkled across a prairie, two minnows lived harmoniously in my blue Barbie Dream Pool. Rescued minnows from impending doom potential bait for an ice fishing excursion, promptly named Marvin and Merlin, by name alone enter the geek fish nation trendsetting minnows before geek morphed into cool. Marvin and Merlin did not really belong in a country club dream pool, where Barbie and Ken once dipped plastic toes and had Barbie doll trysts in the naughty blue Barbie Dream Pool. Perhaps Marvin had a wheat fish allergy, didn't like daily rationed Cheerios, the minnows swam together for three months, and when left out of our watchful eye Marvin murdered Merlin with a bite to the neck, as Merlin floated belly up minnow murder in the heart of the tainted blue Barbie Dream Pool. Marvin swam solo then soon after took the plunge, heaving his murdering minnow guilt over the side of the redemptive blue Barbie Dream Pool. Lori Caskey Sigety May, 2010

Poem: When a Crescent Moon Enters Stage West

It's about 2:00 a.m., so I am writing a moonlight poem. I'm thinking about adding this to our poetry book that's coming out in June. I wrote this in April 2010: When a Crescent Moon Enters Stage West Do you ever look up at a clear sapphire sky, and notice the outline of a crescent moon? a shadow of white, a shadow of moonlight, a prophesy that evening follows an afternoon whispers of dusk calls the night curtain falls the sun's curtain calls whispers of dusk calls the sun's curtain calls the night curtain falls whispers of dusk calls whispers of dusk whispers of whispers whisp whis whi wh w and the sun[sinks into the]set the moon enters stage west, the glow of a crescent moon makes her soft entrance, and now it's time for all to rest. Lori Caskey Sigety April 2010

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cool Garden

I've been gardening like a madwoman for the last two days. It's part of the emergence into my second life; actually being able to maintain a cool garden. I remember when Steve and I moved into our home in June 2000, we created an amazing wildflower garden. My years working at the Centre Township Branch and the colleagues surrounding me culivated an interest for flowers.
I kept up the gardening part pretty well until about 2003, when library school and libraryland consumed my life. (Not a bad thing, but my priorities changed.)
My fabulous neighbors (well, I'm fortunate to have two great sets of neighbors on each side of me) but the neighbors who are the snow angels turned yard angels offered up their flowers because they are revamping the landscaping. So basically, I have my flower garden.
I'm looking forward to watching the flowers bloom and keeping the yard looking interesting. Since I don't envision traveling anywhere far this year, I will put my time and energy into this cool garden so when we have friends over, it will be delightful.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Fur Children Antics

Here is an adorable photograph of Latte and her pink tongue. She's a sweet kitty. Just at this moment, Moshi flipped a toy mouse in the air and it landed strategically in my lap. It's a pretty good trick. I have to say I am impressed! So I toss the mouse again and Moshi's off to the races, resembling more like the tiniest horse than a cat (gallop gallop gallop.) She's somewhere in the kitchen, now, probably scooting the toy mouse underneath the refrigerator where all the other lost toy mice are hiding. Latte, tired of her sister's nonsense awhile ago, retreated to the bedroom, where she is probably sleeping peacefully on the bed. Java, my muse, lies directly behind me on the sofa (I'm seated on the floor in front of the computer.) Java probably figures I'll protect her from Moshi's pounces (RAWR). Yep. A streak of fur just flashed by. Perhaps I will take Latte's cue, retreat upstairs, and read before falling asleep.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Person Can Learn a Lot From a Homeless Kitten

Moshi is a kitten who was spunky enough to climb up someone's steps on a frosty night in December 2009. Moshi meowed at the door until a kind couple noticed and brought her inside. A long story later, someone climbed up our steps with a kitten in her arms and changed our lives. As beastly as Moshi can be with biting, clawing, and scratching (her aliases are Moshula and Moshilla) Moshi has a sensitive side. Despite the fact that both Java and Latte freaked out and acted like jealous siblings, Moshi was determined to befriend both of them. With her persistence, Moshi charmed (or perhaps wore down) both cats, and as seen in photos above, curl up together on the couch. I suppose the old adage "kill them with kindness" can work. Moshi brought her sisters' defenses down and there is now peace in the Sigety Cat Zoo. Until Beast Feast and Thundercats, that is.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Surviving Mother's Day

It's almost bedtime (well, not for me but Sunday's almost over) and I have officially survived the second Mother's Day Helliday season. I fared pretty well. No serious intoxication (yes, I drank my share of merlot with meals) no crying spells, and no yelling at Mother's Day flowers. (Although I am known to yell at Christmas lights and Mother's Day TV ads that were on all last week.) I visited the local garden shop to purchase Mother's Day foliage for my mother-in-law and swallowed a few lumps when I perused the rose bushes. I saw a classmate/friend who was visiting in town. Mom and I always went to the garden shop in the springtime on the weekends in May to buy flowers. I would usually plant them for her and she loved it. One year, many years ago, she told me to pick out a potted flower for her. I picked out the most expensive rosebush in the shop! Well, it was dormant for a few years and then bloomed...beautiful yellow roses. After purchasing the mother's day foliage, I rushed back home, changed into an ensemble of a black top and black skirt and only could find a pair of dark green tights in my closet (must shop soon.) Steve was referring to me as the bride of the Incredible Hulk. ;) We met up with the in-laws at a local restaurant (The Emporium.) We had a great table and Greg, who is our favorite waiter, was our server. It was a great meal...pasta penne! Afterwards, we arrived home and I rested for a half hour before we met up with friends at Hacienda for dinner. It was a lot of fun. After dinner, Steve and I visited Border's and purchased books on blogging, ebay, and web design. I believe the trick for surviving hellidays is to mix it up and stay busy.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Simplistic Saturday Wildlife Musings

(Tree from the Conservatory, South Bend, IN 2010)
Thank you for reading yesterday's blog. I expended the angst and energy in a productive way in order to focus on the positive aspects of the weekend. I responded to a friend (thank you, S.) and mentioned that the "hellidays" puts living into perspective. I am learning to notice the simple beauty of the normal, everyday life. For example, this morning I was talking with someone and she noticed the deer frolicking in the woods across the parking lot. Today Steve noticed a tiny rabbit and a dove on our birdbath in the backyard. I snapped photographs. Those little surprises of beauty in nature inspire and help me to move forward. That is one of the reasons why I am in the process of creating my wildflower garden; to enjoy everyday surprises and to inspire creativity. I have once of three sections planted; when the weather is a bit warmer and drier, I will plant the other two. I may have to cheat and purchase perennial plants to strategically place in the garden to help it along. This afternoon Steve and I are going to help a friend move to northern Indiana from Indy. We are happy to welcome her to our circle of friends and anticipating that it will be a positive experience.

Friday, May 07, 2010

Notes from the Motherless Society

I just watched Dave Letterman wish his 89-year-old mother a Happy Mother's Day on television and exchange I love you's. Betty White will guest host a Mother's Day special on SNL on Saturday. And there are ads splayed all over the internet, in print, on the soundwaves, and on television. Okay, I get it! Mother's Day is Sunday! Send your mother flowers, give her a hug, don't text her but call her or better yet, give her your loving messages in person! Please excuse my bitterness about the helliday. It's only the second one. I watched people being interviewed on television and one person spoke that she was going to go get a mani, a pedi, and go out to lunch with her mother. Well, isn't that nice. I remember all the times Mom and I would go shopping and then have a lively lunch or dinner. Sunday, just get here and get on with so you can stop torturing those of us sans mothers with your helliday advertisements-at least until next year. Hrumph. I'm going to turn off the tube and finish To Kill a Mockingbird. Scout also doesn't have a mother.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Bibliovino: Roundbarn Demi-Sec

I thought it would be entertaining to sample different wines and blog about them. I'll call it "Bibliovino." I like to sip, blog, read, and write. So I'll try different styles and report back to you. The first one I purchased (at the local Martin's Supermarket) is from the Round Barn Winery. Steve and I attended a wedding reception there in 2000, so we are familiar with the venue. There are actually three locations: Baroda, MI, Saugatuck, MI, and Union Pier, Michigan. (We were at the Round Barn in Baroda.) If you're interested, click here for the website. The first bottle on the blog is called Red Demi Sec: Semi Dry Red Table Wine. It's pretty tasty, smooth and has a sharp taste. I'm assuming the wine was created in 2010, since there is not a year listed on the bottle. I give this wine three out of four grapes. The price is inexpensive (under $20) but tastes yummy. For those of you who do have allergies, it does contain sulfites. Cheers!

Monday, May 03, 2010

Midnight Monday Morning

It is 12:47 a.m.. Do I know where my bed is? I need to consider going to sleep. A lot of changes are happening; the new manager is coming over for the first day on Monday afternoon. I'm happy and supportive but it's difficult. It's a tangible first step for all of us. Of course it will be fine but change is hard. I'm also concerned about school. I'm getting stuck on my CV (curriculum vitae) so I asked Steve to peruse the document. I typed everything but he is helping me with formatting. I felt silly experiencing some anxiety and getting stuck but Steve stepped in and is assisting with the application process. This proves that every good writer needs a great editor! Anyhow, off to sleep so I can be productive tomorrow in Libraryland. Goodnight... or good morning.

Tuesday Blog: Sakura

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