Saturday, December 29, 2007

Goldilocks and the Three Furniture Stores

Once upon a time, Steve and I searched for an entertainment center.

We outgrew our current entertainment center with a big television from Santa. In the early afternoon, we visited an antique shop looking for a person to create a custom armoire.

The woodmaker was not there. He went home to take a long winter's nap (seriously), so we went to Chili's to eat. After returning home, we visited Mom and Dad. We then decided to go shopping in the Merry Land of Strip Malls.

Two stores later, we visited a magical place called Oak Express. We wanted doors to tuck the tv to bed. We borrowed a tape measure and looked around the store. Too small. No doors. Not enough room for DVD player, etc. Too big for living room. Our fairy salesmother was kindly and tried to help us as much as she could.

We were in the car (Kumi) leaving the magical place when the fairy salesmother flagged us down and told us she found something we could use!

So we re-entered the store and she showed us a cherry entertainment center hidden in the back with sliding doors (we didn't even think of sliding doors!) and glass library shelves. There was a slight scratch that could be touched up on the top corner. It was originally on sale for $1,200 but it was on clearance for $298! So, we discussed it and bought it. Yay!

So the tv will live happily ever after. Now the armoire just needs to be delivered. All is well.

The End.


Thursday, December 27, 2007

Happy Thursday and Odd Ducks :)


I enclosed more duck photographs for your enjoyment!

Yesterday the vampires at the doctor's office drew blood and gave me a tetanus shot. (I want to have my vitals checked so I don't keel over at my desk. Not good library PR. :))

We also discovered the solution to my insomnia and fatigue. Caffeine. My doctor's taking my caffeine away (sniff.) My diet coke. (sniff)

I had forgotten that tetanus shots hurt! And I gimped through taekwondo today. My sweet sensai told me I did a good job. Yay for Grasshopper!

Tonight Steve and I are going to watch Firefly on DVD. It's a cool sci-fi one season series about Space Cowboys. I like it so far.

More Later!

Love, lolo the gimpy grasshopper

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Ducks


I hope you enjoyed your holidays. We appreciated our time together. We celebrated Dad's birthday yesterday at noon. We relaxed in the afternoon, dined, and opened presents. Usually the stretch of time between Dad's birthday and Christmas seems lengthy because of the gift exchange, but this year it flew. Every moment is precious.

Christmas Day we spent the morning and noon at my in-laws house. They always have a great cheese spread out for us. After we exhanged presents, we left for the IU campus and visited the ducks.

Around 100 ducks greeted us in the parking lot near the river bank. We fed them corn. Did you know that it is dangerous to feed ducks white bread? The bread can expand in their throats and choke. (The source is from an owner of a wildlife store.) We spotted a runner and a rambunctious black lab who wanted to play with the ducks, but they wouldn't hear of it. You could even feel the wind from the wings as they flew back into the river. And the black lab dove into the water and emerged out so happy. We can all take lessons from a black lab--seize the moment and dive in.

Then we left and met up at my parents house for a quiet, restful evening.

At home,I look at the Christmas cards on top of the hutch and read my email and realize how fortunate and lucky Steve and I are to have positive friends and family in our lives. Yes, there are those who will disappoint us, but keeping an open heart and mind and focusing on the ones that love us the most will help us through any challenges that lie ahead.

My physician gave me great advice:Every day,cry,laugh,and hug. A lot.

Lolo the Grasshopper

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Almost Christmas Eve at the Caskey House

Happy Frosty Windy Sunday!

I had lunch with a wonderful friend at this great place called the Chicory cafe.
It has a New Orleans style cuisine and atmosphere. After we exchanged gifts and had coffee talk, we played library. My friend let me borrow her Santa hat to wear. I am still wearing it as I post. I also blogged on our library site about Christmas trees:

After playing library, my chariot (a kindly man driving a gray Prius) awaited for me in the parking lot. We stopped home before trekking to my parent's house. Steve and I saw Anne and Drfi, Mom and Dad. We had pizza, watched a funny movie, and then talked a little bit. Mom went to bed early. Steve was feeling a bit under the weather,so we decided to leave early.

After the movie, we were talking and ready to head back to town when... the lights went out. Not even a flicker, just boom. Quiet. Dark. We scrambled for flashlights and lighters to light the candles (thank goodness it's that time of year that candles are plentiful.)

Well, we eventually went back, and told Dad to call us if they need to come over and stay the night. I hope Mom stays warm... that's the most important thing.


Friday, December 21, 2007

Lunch, Presents, Shopping, and Shrek

Hello, It's a foggy and balmy night for early winter. Today I dined with a friend, received presents of hand lotion, homemade chocolates. angel candleholders and candles, and a keychain that says "I'm not as innocent as I look." (Heh heh heh.) After leaving, I met Mom at Chico's for a Christmas shopping spree (we do this every year.) Bless her heart, we picked out three tops, a pair of jeans, and a pair of dress pants. She bought an outfit for a wedding in January. She looked beautiful in it. Tonight Steve made dinner (chicken and rice) and then we watched a movie: Shrek 3. It was funny, but we agree that we enjoyed the 2nd one the most. Steve also gave me a Christmas present early; it's a tripod for my digital camera. So when we go on our nature hikes, we can take photos from different angles (and my hand will be steady when I shoot the picture.) How thoughtful! It's been such a good day and evening. Have a great weekend! Love, Lolo

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Wednesday Night Nunchakus


Today was a good day. Tonight I visited my snow angels next door and exhanged gifts. They are terrific friends. They loaned me Karen Kingsbury books, and gave us a beautiful cat ornament and chocolate covered mini-pretzels. And a card. Yay.

Last night I engaged in a guilty pleasure. While watching The Biggest Loser, I indulged in a huge bite of a warmed pretzel dipped in hot gooey cheese sauce. Can you burn empathic calories by watching other people work out?

Tonight I attended taekwondo and practiced cardio, bagwork, double nunchakus (that was totally cool--so Bruce Lee someone said) forms, and doing forward and backward rolls on the mat. It was cool... I didn't nearly snowball Master Sponseller this time. My rolls are getting neater!

Anyhoo... I come home, greet the kitties, talk to Mom, see Steve as he brought home gifts for us from other friends... a book for Steve and a journal (giggle) for me!
I love journals... paper and online! I have nearly three bookshelves full of collaged books--poems, journaling, cards from loved ones, magazine clippings, cartoons, drawings. I asked Steve if I should combine my journals into books and lose the journals and he said to keep the originals. (He should be an archivist!)

Well, off to shower, then finishing cards, then off to sleep.
Have a good evening.

Lolo Grasshopper

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Snowy Tuesday Night and Bees


Today was a much better day.
We celebrated a birthday at work.
we celebrated a holiday lunch (courtesy of my coordinator) and had a pleasant meeting.
I visited my parents and helped wrap presents... Dad cooked dinner.
I then visited this earthy store and purchased more Christmas gifts. There are some very yummy organic wines and Burt's Bees toner in a larger than trial size. (Of course I won't drink the toner, but to use it as a facial cleaner.) Yay! Burts Bees is a natural line of cosmetics and soaps.


Saturday, December 15, 2007

Santa Fish and Snowy Saturday Night


I attended taekwondo this morning and practiced our front and back rolls I need to learn for brown belt. One time, my back roll was so wayward that I almost got Master Sponseller with my feet! He had to move... and fast! Tee hee hee... it was funny.

Today we also shopped a bit more... getting closer to finishing up. After we dined at Logan's Roadhouse (a mecca for omnivores everywhere,)we headed home. And I took a serious nap. (Okay, I've covered food and sleep in almost the same sentence. Id alert.)

We were supposed to go bowling and then go clubbing (scouting rather) at a place that is featuring an '80's band. (We're doing the 1980's for RetroFest next year.)
Well, we looked outside and decided to hibernate for the night. We're watching the Best of Chris Farley on SNL and surfing the web. Tomorrow I will need to go exploring in the neighborhood and take photos. Need more winter photos, possibly for next year's Christmas cards.

Have a good evening! Please stay warm!

Love, Lolo

Friday, December 14, 2007

Holiday Fanilow


I was writing a friend and mentioned that today was the first day I could listen to Christmas music without triggering my gag reflex (That's a nice holiday image for you...)

So I opened the plastic wrap to the Barry Manilow CD called
In the Swing of Christmas and thought what the heck... I purchased it about a month ago with Mom at the Hallmark store.Barry and I go way back to the 1970's,especially the time I was excused from the Thanksgiving table and sent to the guest bedroom (even worse than your own bedroom) for serenading my family with the song Can't Smile Without You.

I was wrapping presents and thought I could listen to some music to try to get into the holiday spirit. The cats looked at me strangely for the first song (they may not be Fanilows) but then succombed to the jazz and took their mid-afternoon catnaps while I wrapped and even (gasp) sang along.

Earlier I visited Dad and decorated the live Christmas tree (the non-fru-fru one) with all the ornaments from as long as I could remember. It was fun and I had three boxes to unload. Yikes! Dad made lunch for us to keep my energy up to keep decorating.

Also, I attended taekwondo AND kickboxing tonight! Santa Sponseller granted me a New Year's wish--to test for Brown Belt in January. Woo-hoo!

Now off to take some Aleve and find heating pads so I can manage Taekwondo tomorrow morning.

Lolo the Grasshopper

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Snow Daze and Grasshopper's Beautiful Sleep

No library today due to the ice storms coming in. Okay. I'll take a snow day to catch up on sleep, on Christmas stuff, and on taekwondo.Love the nunchakas form. BTW, I had a beautiful sleep last night and this a.m. Yay.


Sunday, December 09, 2007

Sunday Night

This is a photo of Jack and Latte peering out the window last winter...

Had a sleep attack about 8:30 p.m., listened to classical music to attract the Sandman, and all that I accomplished was a good cry. And the Sandman slipped away on the ice and snow (Yar.) Awake and alert, I turn off Pachebel's Canon and trot downstairs to the laptop, where I am now blogging away. I should probably call this blogsite the id site, with all the recent food and snooze posts (*smile*).

Speaking of food, time for warm soymilk and maybe some soft jazz...

Love, Grasshopper

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Salmon Obsession, Shrimp, Sleep, and Taekwondo

Okay, the last I heard the salmon we ate last weekend was not smoked, not broiled, but roasted. These emails I am getting from my family concerning the eaten salmon are getting a bit, um, well--fishy. Ba-dam CRASH! (Drum taps followed by a cymbal crash.)

Thank goodness I finally slept last night! (It was more like passing out after a long but good day at library and then out with a friend.)

I have to tell you about my dear friend. I will refer to her as "M". I was tired on Friday and she treated me to dinner at a historical local eatery. We had a blast. The waitress who waited on us was young, pretty, and single with children. She was working very hard and was so sweet. My friend decided to make her day and left her a 50% tip! The waitress was so happy and said it made her week. That was really cool.

M and I discussed that you can tell a lot about a person's character by the way he or she treats the wait staff. (Unless, of course, you have an evil waitress or waiter. There's always an exception to the rule.)

Afterwards, we came back to my house and wrote a first page of a book. It's a chick-lit novel type that takes place in Chicago. Who knows what will come of it, but the writing exercise was a blast. And that's the whole point of writing... to enjoy the journey.

This morning I attended Hi-YA class and felt a little guilty I did not attend the morning fitness class. Sleep takes precedence, though, especially when there wasn't a lot coming my way. I'll try harder next week. I worked very hard today on my 360 round kicks and my legs feel the burn, baby!

More Later! Stay warm.

Love, Grasshopper
(My Sensai calls me this now.)

Friday, December 07, 2007

Insomnia Attack Part II

Hi, It's 2:45 a.m. It's cold, I'm tired, I can't sleep. I surfed the web for awhile and then drank warm soymilk (it's pretty good)and ate a banana. Hopefully this will help. Jack and Java are downstairs with me and think they are going outside on the porch. Are they nuts? Love, Lolo

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Thursday night and Pontoon


Happy snowy night... after a wonderful dinner and hot tea (thank you, Steve) I'm sitting down, watching Scrubs, blogging, and IM'ing friends. I am sleepy from my day and from the cold, and looking forward to Saturday off. I play library tomorrow and Sunday.

I'm reading a funny book called Pontoon by a writer named Garrison Keillor.
I was reading it during lunch today and laughed out loud. It's a snort-worthy book. He is funny. I'll keep you posted on the plot.


Insomnia Attack

Eek! It's 4:00 a.m. and I don't know where my sleep is! I'm wondering if it's the medication I am taking right now. (I read online that antibiotics aren't effective with sinusitis. How do you clear up the infections, then?) I was also sparring at 8:00 p.m. last night, so perhaps my endorphins kicked in late. Besides posting to this blog, I finished the book Almost Moon by Alice Sebold. Her books tend to touch on the taboo, and this one is about mothers and daughters. (Let's just say it makes me appreciate my own mother.) The book was kind of creepy, but I promised I would be loyal and finish it. Usually, I don't do that with books--there's too many out there to be read. Sebold's writing style is almost poetic. The book The Lovely Bones is a haunting read, but beautifully written. Okay, that's my book selection of the morning, so I will try to go back to sleep! Have a good Thursday! Love, Lolo

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

There's a Touch of Tinsel on My Head!

Happy snowy evening. I looked in the mirror this morning and noticed I am sprouting silver tinsel on the top of my head. How festive. I am definitely calling to get my roots touched up. Anyway,I played library today and then attended taekwondo. I sparred tonight and it was so much fun! My back is sore. Now I am blogging and writing. Soon I will retire with a book and burrow under the covers. Love, Lolo

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Monday, December 03, 2007

You've Been Warned...

...I'm cooking for you! (Just kidding)
Actually, I'm being teased for a)accusing someone of smoking the salmon instead of broiling it and b)for blogging about food! At least there are readers out there on my bloggie! Yay!

Well, this post has NOTHING to do with food but does have to do with reading. I called in sick this morning (I am, really.)I finished this cool book in the waiting room of the doctor's office, waiting for a prescription refill at the pharmacy, and finally at home on the couch draped with a blue blanket.
The book, called You've Been Warned by James Patterson, involves a nanny/aspiring photographer, a love affair, nightmares, and murder. Very creepy. It's sort of a Stephen King-meets-Barbara Delinsky with a dash of James Patterson (due to the short chapters and the quick pace.) The co-writer of the book, Howard Roughan, also penned Honeymoon with James Patterson and that book is about a female serial killer who murders her husbands (that would make an interesting bridesmaid's gift!)

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy it!

More Later!
Love, Lolo

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Alesia's Pumpkin Pie recipe

Hello, I am in the process of cleaning off the coffee table and I re-discovered this recipe from my fabulous library assistant! There's no heating involved, so I am imagining it would be safe! I'd like to share it with you: Alesia's Pumpkin Pie 1/2 cup milk 1 package sugarfree vanilla pudding (6 serving size) 1 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice 1 cup canned pumpkin 8 oz cool whip graham cracker crust Mix milk, pudding, pumpkin, and spice together. Whisk in cool whip. Pour into pie shell. Chill for 2 hours. Can also use reg. vanilla instant and regular or butterscotch. Mmm I may try this! Mmmm. Love, LoLo

Happy December and Hot Tea

(image courtesy of

It's just noon and I woke up about fifteen minutes ago. It's been a busy week/weekend. On Friday, I ran errands and took Greenie to the car hospital, then visited my parents and Auntie and Gronk (Gary) from South Carolina. They are so wonderful. I missed them!

Friday night my friend picked me up and we visited another friend's house for our monthly Feminist Film Night. (I call it Feminist Food Night, because we don't always watch films but we ALWAYS eat.) It's a fun, inclusive group of women who visit each other's homes and hang out. They are easy-going and a lot of fun. I am so glad I found these beautiful people!

Saturday, I dragged myself out of bed and played library. It was a challenging but a good day, even though I shovelled snow and white-knuckled it on the ice home. Then Steve and I drove out to Grangerland to see my sister and brother-in-law, Auntie and Gronk, and Mom and Dad. My sister greeted me with a glass of red wine. Mmmm, after a long, icy day it was yummy.(I sampled Steve's vino because he was driving. He opted for Cranberry juice.) She also made smoked salmon, mashed potatoes, and this wonderful yummy avocado dish with other ingredients (must get the recipe). My sis inherited the cooking genes in our family.

Anyway, Steve and I returned home around 11:30p.m. last night and crashed. And now I am here sipping hot green ginseng honey tea in my green rain forest cafe mug and writing.

Have a good week.
Love, Lolo

Tuesday Blog: Sakura

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