Friday, December 16, 2016

Friday Night Library Musings


I'm sitting on the grey sofa in blue pajamas with Moshi and Sakura snoring nearby. Steve's at his semi-monthly game tonight. I should be at WordPlay, the cool open mic poetry gathering in Elkhart, but I've sequestered myself because I've missed work for two days and need to be on my game to work tomorrow. I'm loving the new library gig, by the way--next month will be six months at MCPL, and I will officially be off double secret probation. I still can't believe I am getting paid to participate in book clubs!

Steve has been assisting with running a D&D game at the 'bary one Saturday a month. We have a couple of great groups. One participant brought his dad for moral support since he was running the game for the first time! It was really cute, and what a great library memory. It will be fun to see more people participating throughout the year.

In January, I will be involved with three library-sponsored book clubs: The Northridge Middle School Book Club; which is co-run with Teri, my cohort, Let's Talk About It; an adult book club that has been an ongoing series since the late 1970s, and Books and Brews, which is an adult book club that targets the younger adults (21+). We will be meeting at 41 Degrees North Restaurant in downtown Middlebury, so folks can sip tea or have a beer while talking about books. (If you live locally and wish to join us, there's plenty of room! Just let me know so I can register you for the event. It's the fourth Tuesday in January @ 5:30 p.m.)

In February, I would like to add a fourth book club-- The Kiera Cass Book Club for readers ages 12+. We featured The Selection (Think The Bachelor Meets The Hunger Games with less death. We can't keep the books in the series on our shelves, so it's a sign that there is an interest.

That's pretty much all I have right now-- I've been busy decorating the tree, purchasing presents, and writing cards. I'll try to be better with writing more often here, even if the entries are shorter. Have a good weekend--and stay warm!

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