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Sunday, March 26

 Hello. I realized that my last post was in February. A lot has been going on. Since January, Steve and I have experienced some losses. We've lost high school/college friends. We've had friends who've lost family members. The latest loss occurred unexpectedly this past Friday.  On Friday, our dear friend John Homan passed away. We are grateful to have known John. He was funny, kind, sensitive, sweet, and talented. We had a lot in common, as we were both drummers, educators, gamers, poets, and writers.  Now I must go forth doing those things without him around to laugh, provide feedback, support, or an accompanying beat to a new poem. The second Friday night of the month will never be the same, even if poetry night continues. I'm so grateful to have attended WordPlay a couple of weeks ago, not realizing it would be the last with John. 

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