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Gardening and Gaming

 Hello! I am spending my Friday at the home office prepping for class on Monday, writing, and of course, blogging! Steve is out with friends and two of the four cats are resting comfortably downstairs on the couch with the television on for company.                                               (Leo and Moshi napping on the couch.)  Multitasking is something that I do often, so I am combining this post with two of many favorite hobbies: gardening and gaming. Right now, I am looking at the six plants I have currently in the office and hoping to add some flowers. (Since the office is a cat-free zone with a heavy door, I am not as concerned about the fur kids nibbling on the foliage.)  I wrote this blog with two audiences in mind, so hopefully you will be interested in one of the topics.  Gardening  On gardening, I look out at the snow-covered boulevard from the window and sigh. Since outdoor gardening is not optional, I can do the best next thing: dream about this year's gardening se

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