Sunday, April 30, 2006

Pina Colada Song

Hello, Happy Rainy Sunday! It was a busy and sleepy day. I visited churchland, cleaned the kitchen (I cna't believe I have dust bunnies on my counter!), read the paper, took a serious nap, had lunch with Steve and my parents, watched the tube, and now I am being accused of being a cyber goober (I snuck on the laptop to blog this entry.) Soon I will be going back to bed so I can be ready for libraryland tomorrow. Have a terrific week! Love, Lolo

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Wednesday Musings: a New kind of Addition

Hello Kids, It's been a while since I last blogged. In the last week, I have discovered the following: 1.)Peanuts + pigging out = migraines. (At least I now know the cause.) 2.)Not wearing gloves + pruning rose bush = lots of cuts on hands and arms. (my rose bush bites.) 3.)Persistence + Practice = a good taekwondo class. (thank you Master Bocko!) 4.)Flossing + Frequent Dental Appointments = less Yuk Mouth and more money in pocketbook. 5.) Three lovable ornery cats + porch time = three happy docile felines. 6.) The Tenth Circle + Jodi Picoult = a fantastic read! And I thought I'd never catch on to math... :) More later! Love, Lolo

Friday, April 21, 2006

Happy Friday

Hello there, It was another gorgeous day in Mishawaka. The trees and flowers are pretty this year! I am grateful I scheduled myself off today. I discovered that I have a peanut allergy...last night's migraine made me think what could trigger them. Hmmm. Peanuts seemed to be always around when I would feel ill. No more for me! Enjoyed a light lunch with a friend. Then watched a bit of tv and took a nap on the porch. The kitties joined me. We were a slovenly bunch. I passed on Taekwondo since I was still a bit green today. I did go to a fun meeting at Barnes and Noble tonight and purchased Gwen Stefani's Love.Angel.Music.Baby. It's a good car dancing cd. Here's her website if you're a ska girl: Have a good evening! Love, lolo

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Happy Weekend

Hello there, The family is going to get together and celebrate on Sunday. I wish Anne and David were here, but that's ok. We'll see them over Mother's Day. Last night was a great taekwondo session. I practiced breaking boards: one with a side shuffle kick and the other with a palm strike. It was awesome! Hi-YA! It makes up for my struggles with forms. I spoke with one of the instructors last night and she said I will probably belt up in May. Yay! Green belt for spring. How perfect. I will reward myself with a new Gui (uniform). Cool. My sunflower seeds are sprouting. I believe it is going to be a good batch of flowers this year! I can't wait to see them blooming over the fence later this summer. There were bunnies chasing each other in the yard. So cute. Hopping down the bunny trail. Have a great weekend and a fabulous Easter! Love, lolo

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Happy Sunday

Good evening--- It was a lovely day in Mishawaka. I managed to play in the backyard and garden for a few hours. I planted Mary's Moonflower seeds she gave me last year. I am hoping for a beautiful summer display in the back corner. My roses are also going to be lovely this year. And the hydrangeous plants are blooming, too! My next step, besides cleaning up the rest of the yard, is recreating the wildflower garden I had a few years ago. It will be fun. :) The coolest discovery is that one fish actually survived the winter! We thought that Bandit the Raccoon ate them all. :) We'll need to have smaller fish and more of them. One day to work and then a three day conference in Indyland! I'm taking Steve with me. :) Have a great week. Love, Lolo

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Operation Hair Chop Pics!

Here they are!

Operation Hair Chop Part Two

Hello there! My head feels like it is going to fall off my shoulders! My hair is so light and free! It only takes a few minutes and a dollop of shampoo to wash my hair! Yay! The color is fun... a natural red-brown. My mom (sneaky girl) paid for it in advance. What a great surprise! And for a good cause. I need to send the locks away. I hope the hair can be put to good use. :) Hair pics are coming as soon as I get around to attaching it to the laptop. Stay Tuned! Love, Lolo

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