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Scorch's Mom's Recipes

Hi there, It is summer outside! Hope you applied your sunscreen and had a great weekend. I did. Friday night and Saturday I practiced tae kwon do. I'm getting antsy for my green belt. Getting closer. Travelled to Gravel Lake and had a great time. Are you sitting down? Under mother's advisement, I made food. Yes, ladies and gentleman. Scorch made something edible-tasty salsa. Mmmm. Here are the ingredients: Scorch's Mom's Tasty Salsa 1.)8 Roma tomatoes 2.) A clove of garlic 3.) A half an onion 4.) A jalopena pepper 5.) A dollup of olive oil Rinse the tomatoes. Then on a chopping board, take the green ends of the tomato. Then, chop chop chop into a blender or food chopper. Blend away for a few seconds--depending on how lumpy or smooth you want the texture. Rinse the jalopena pepper. Dig out the seeds and chop the green part. Place in blender or food chopper. Rinse garlic. chop off the ends and peel off the papery texture. Place garlic in blender. Rinse oni…

Hot Grapes

Hi there, I do have an amusing story to share with you-- On Friday, I stopped at Martin's (grocery store) to pick up a few food items. I was hungry and the fruits and veggies looked especially tasty. So I picked up a bundle of delicious red grapes. -Fast forward to the checkout line- I'm in line and waiting and looking at the covers of the latest 'zines. I start absentmindly munching on the grapes. Munch munch munch. I thought there was no harm and I'm going to buy them anyway. Well, the problem was that grapes are weighed, and I pigged out on quite a few of them. So they were considerably lighter. Oops. I apologized to the checkout person and told her I would pay extra or may I make a donation to the store? She said she couldn't and that's okay. I felt so guilty! Maybe that's what Eve felt like after she sampled the proverbial apple. But she was more severely punished than I. Anyway, just an amusing snippet for you to read. Moral of the story:…

Da Doo Run Run,Happy Mother's Day, and 50th Blog Posting!

Hello there, It's been a fast weekend. Steve and I trekked to Chi-town Friday night after work. We arrived to Anne and David's place and they had chicken chili waiting for us. Yum. The chicken chili was even better Sunday morning--cold. Steve and I walked out onto the 19th level balcony at looked at the city. The view was breathtaking. Turn your head to the left and you can see Lake Michigan. Turn to the right and you see the Hancock Building (the one I climbed in February)among other gorgeous buildings Chicago is known for. After I stopped giggling and gushing at the spectacular view of the place, the four of us relaxed into the living room and watched part of the Hardy Boys mysteries with Shaun Cassidy and Parker Stevenson. I cannot believe I sported Shaun Cassidy on my shirt. He's kind of funny looking. He sounded like Mark Hamill. Saturday morning Mom and Dad (Caskey) arrived early. We all cleaned up, managed to eat a small breakfast, and took cabs to the river.…

Happy Sunday and Mulch Sniffing

Hi there, It was a beautiful day in Mishawaka. Visited a church, brunched with friends, and then spent the afternoon with Mom. I then gardened for three hours(with mulch)and trotted about the neighborhood for an evening power walk. Then I cleaned up, wrote emails, and here I am. I am very proud of Anne and David (sister and brother-in-law.) They graduated from the University of Illinois (MBAs)last weekend. Steve and I will visit them and see Mom and Dad next weekend in Chicago. I am ready to visit Chi-town again. It's been too long. That's all for now! Happy Week, Lolo xoxo P.S. My pina colada statement from last time stems from a virgin colada I sipped that day. Rupert Holmes' Escape The Pina Colada Song) is one of my favorites. He's a great writer, too.