Friday, June 30, 2006

Happy Friday!

Hi! It's been a great day. I slept in, firmed up a few work details, lunched with a dear friend (thanks Brent), found out my first framed photograph may have been sold at the consignment shop in downtown Mishawaka (it wasn't there this afternoon when I wanted to show Brent), picked up goodies at Border's (including Anne's birthday surprise),relaxed, dined on 'za with Steve and the kitties, went to taekwondo, returned home, bathed (always a good thing) and now I'm here being a blogging goober. That's all. And I am running the dishwasher, need to pack for Gravel Lake (!), may write a bit more, and then retire to bed to play library tomorrow at 8:30 a.m. For all of you bibliophiles out there with a plethora of books and limited spaces, consider perusing the tome entitled Decorating with Books by Marie Proeller Hueston. It's great! Now you don't have to box up those books... display them and decorate your house with pride! (I may blog this on the library website.) Have a Happy 4th of July! Love, Lolo

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Cucumber Water and Killer Dreams

Hi There, Happy summer! Hope you enjoyed a fun weekend. My weekend was fast and exciting! I lived at the library Friday-Saturday, attended tae kwon do on Friday night, and Saturday night Steve and I visited Gravel Lake from Saturday night to Sunday. The weather was cool and lovely. The tiger lilies are blooming already! Here is a cucumber recipe for you if you want to drink more water: sliced fresh cucumbers water mix together--enjoy a fresh drink! I learned this recipe from the Emerald Cut spa, inga, and at tae kwon do class. I am trying to drink more water--at least one glass in the morning and one glass a night. Anything in-between is a bonus. I also started and finished a great read called Killer Dreams by Iris Johansen. I was rather antisocial and absorbed in this book. It's a best selling thriller and nose-worthy (Nose in the book worthy, that is.) Have a good week! Love, Lolo xoxo

Monday, June 19, 2006

Happy Monday

Hello! Hope you are well and had a great weekend. I did! I worked on Saturday and went for a walk Saturday night. Yesterday I travelled up to Gravel Lake solo (Steve saw Dad S. here in town) and spent the day with the parental units. It was relaxing with eating, riding in the pontoon boat, and taking a long summer nap with the cozy soft rain. I finished a book by Pearl Cleage called Some Things I Never Thought I'd Do and started another book called Babylon Sisters. So far, so good. My flowers are doing pretty well--the red roses I call Sue's roses took over! And I have one peach rose among the red... sounds like the beginning of a poem... hmmm. Take care! Summer is technically almost here. Love, Lolo

Monday, June 12, 2006

Vegas Baby!

Mom, Anne, and I had a wonderful trip! We lodged at the Bellagio, dined at Emeril's, saw O with Cirque de Soleil, shopped, and cha-ching! It was a great trip. Now I'm sleepy, but happy to be at home and at library. Love, Lolo

Friday, June 02, 2006

Green Belt (Finally) and Book Review

Hello there, Finally! I did it! I belted up to Green. Whew. What a relief. And I broke three boards, too! (I think that's my favorite part.) I'm also in the black belt club, where it is a commitment to finish the black belt. It's really cool! I also read a great book by Allison Dubois: We are Their Heaven:Why the Dead Never Leave Us. It is inspiring and comforting... and after I finished the book, I was showering in the bathroom and the lights flickered once. Hmmm. Anyhoo... life is good. Hi-YA! And next Thursday, VEGAS BABY! Love, Lolo

National Lampoon's Garden Adventures, and Last Thoughts on 46

Update on Sake Sakura: We will be making an appointment to get Sake's MRI. It's been really hot and our schedules have been nuts,...