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Forget Cooking!

This is copied from the SJCPL blog. Hi, my name is Lori, and I am not a culinary goddess. After kitchen mishaps both at home and at the workplace, I have earned the endearing nickname of Scorch, mainly due to scorched or rather, carcinogenic popcorn that brought in the fire department one afternoon. My mother, in her attempts to domesticate her youngest daughter, signed us up for a class at the new Martin's Supermarket on Heritage Drive in Mishawaka. The title of the class was Forget Cooking! An Introduction to Raw Food Cuisine. Here's a link for other classes and past recipes: Before we left for class, my father jokingly offered up the fire extinguisher. Thanks, Dad, for the vote of confidence, but we're playing with cold vegetables tonight. Everything will be fine. The class was interesting. Hosted by Chef Michele Dahms, the class was in lecture format (probably to preserve this gorgeous supermarket from popcorn…

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi, Everyone! I want to wish you all a fun and Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful for: 1.)My family, friends, and fur children 2.)My health 3.) My library gig (and the list goes on and on and on...) Love, Lolo

Ghost Mouse

Hi There, My poor husband granted me permission to tell this story. It is a good one, as I giggle while describing our latest mis-adventure. Last Sunday we enjoyed the day off together, reading the newspaper and getting ready to watch Shrek 2.(On an aside note, I loved the 2nd one even more. I adore Puss-n-Boots.) Anyhoo, whenever I clean, I always carry a plastic bag for recycled paper. As a writer, I tend to accumulate paper, especially through jotted notes of inspiration. (The plastic bag plays a key role in this story, so bear with me.) This plastic bag was located near the chair on the front porch. I forgot to dispose of the bag. Before we watched Shrek 2, we let our three lovely spoiled felines out for a bit of what we call "porch-time." Well, we crack the door open so they can enter and exit at will. (We do not have extended porch time in the winter.) Java nonchalantly stretched on the arm of the couch, paw extended. Jack and Latte opted for the adventures of t…

Election Day Dedication

Hi there, Google restructured this site. That's why I haven't posted recently. I experienced the "blog blues" until this morning! Sounds like a title of a song... I'm glad the elections are over! I grew weary of all the signs in the yards and the smearing tv ads. I have a new appreciation for regular tv commercials. The results were nail-biting and interesting. I'm grateful democracy still works and that so many people turned out to vote. I wanted to dedicate this blog to a friend who passed over on Election Day. She went out with a bang, God rest her soul. Fauntelle, you will always be the book club goddess, wherever you may be. Thank you for your friendship. Love, Lori