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Back from Minneapolis and The Condition

Tomorrow is April 1. No foolin'! I am recovering from a week spent in wonderful Minneapolis for PLA (Public Library Association). My upcoming blog posts will be devoted to this memorable trip, so sit back and enjoy! My digital camera is at-large, so I promise to post more interesting photographs soon.

Something wonderful is the discovery of a new author. I was fortunate enough to pick up an advance copy of The Condition by Jennifer Haigh at the HarperCollins booth at the exhibits. The story takes place in two different time frames: 1976 & 1997. The story revolves around five characters: Paulette, Frank, Billy, Gwen, and Scott. Haigh weaves a web of all the characters individually and as a family through time. Her book will be officially released on July 1, 2008. I am pleased to discover this author and will be trying her other books.

Enjoy your week!
Love, Lolo

Jaunt to Minneapolis

Hello, Tomorrow morning I will be in a van with wonderful librarians and traveling to a PLA(Public Library Association)conference. It's about a 10-hour drive and it will be fun. I am rooming with one of my dearest friends, so it will be easier to be away from home. We will be staying in a lovely suite in downtown Minneapolis! We will return on Sunday night. I will bring back fun stories from my adventures! Love, Lolo

Twilight Blog

Good morning, This is a second draft of this blog post because I accidentally deleted the first one while trying to upload a graphic!(*sigh*) Yar. Double yar. That's what I get for blogging at 4:00 a.m. (It was in the three o'clock hour when I started the first one.) Let's see what I can recap from my first posting...hmmm...(brain wheels are spinning). Yesterday I lunched with a friend, had an appointment, and then slept for a very very long time (over four hours). Master Sponseller, I slept right through class time. I am so sorry I missed this week. Then later in the evening, I visited friends. I finished a first very very very very rough draft of my blog book through the end of 2006. If I add photographs, it will be over 100 pages. It's and a goal I have wanted to achieve for a long time. Now I am going to leave it alone for a little while, then return back with fresh eyes. I will try to go through a publisher first, then self-publish (after going through a pr…

Hogwarts in Muggleland

(Hogwarts in Muggleland and Naughty Gambling Window,
photographs courtesy of LCS/2008.)

Happy post St.Patrick's Day. It's been a tiring week. I am looking forward to a library trip to Minnesota next week to recharge my proverbial batteries. Steve will be a bachelor and have the run of the house, including full rein of the television and the laptop computer.

At the top are a couple of photos of the U of M campus. Parts of the university are so beautiful... like Hogwarts in Muggleland.


Good Food, Good Friend, and a Good Book!


It's been a lovely Saturday. Steve, Kumi the car, and I traveled to visit a friend on the U of M campus. It was an uneventful trip but the campus was amazing! The architecture was beautiful. Chandeliers, stained glass windows, ornate buildings, and wood everywhere.

We had lunch at this wonderful local Mexican restaurant and then checked out the libraries (yes, there's more than one)and a couple of bookstores. Then, we left for home in the afternoon, dined at a local restaurant, greeted the kitties, and then took a long walk. (Since Steve drove, I encouraged him to rest and I walked a couple more times around the boulevard.)Campus photos are forthcoming.

During the car ride and dinner, I managed to finish a wonderful read by Nina Siegal. It's entitled A Little Trouble with the Facts. It's about a woman, Valerie Vane, a journalist who claws her way to the top and then after an incident, is demoted to an entry level position writing obituaries. Then, she receives an…

The Emotional Lives of Animals

(Jack, Java, and Latte. Photograph courtesy of LCS/2008.)


I love animals. I have loved them since I can remember. My parents broke down and brought home a puppy for us after the third time I was bitten by someone else's dog.
(The German Shepherd tied to the tree in August looked like he needed a hug.)

As an adult, I have an affinity for cats. We would also have dogs, but with our schedules and allergies, it would be too difficult.

I just finished a wonderful book called The Emotional Lives of Animals by Marc Bekoff. He is a professor emeritus of biology at the University of Colorado-Boulder.

Don't get me wrong...I am an omnivore and consider myself on top of the food chain. But the book does enlighten and create even more of an awareness about animals and that we should respect them.

If you're interested, here is Jane Goodall's website:


Spring Forward

(Puppy photograph courtesy of Lori Caskey Sigety c2008)

Happy Sunday night! It's later than I expected. Daylight savings time snuck up on us this weekend. I will elaborate in a few paragraphs, but wanted to write about my fun weekend.

I had Friday off, ran errands, and attended taekwondo. After taekwondo, I visited friends at a local restaurant. It was a wonderful time. We also visited a friend's house after we dined and met their puppy, who is the star photographed at the top of this post! There is nothing more darling than a wiggling little puppy! (Unless it's a kitty.)

Saturday I played library and attended one of the two groundbreaking ceremonies for the renovations. Saturday night Steve and I dined with friends at a local restaurant. It was so much fun.

Today I jumped back in the saddle, arrived to a friend's church late because we forgot about "spring forward", which is the term for setting our clocks forward! I tried to play the electric drumset, but the…


Hi, I wanted to share a lighthearted story with you in a tribute to a beloved minister who passed on Tuesday. Steve and I were married on the hottest day of the summer in July of 1997. It was a good thing that there was air conditioning inside the church. The minister who was supposed to marry us dropped out due to personal reasons (it's disconcerting being practically jilted at the your minister.)The minister who I refer to as "Rev", stepped in at the last minute and married us. He was a sweet, kind, and gentle man. We discovered that Rev was a face person rather than a name person. He referred to us as "Laura and Stanley" three or four times during the ceremony. (There is proof on the home videotape relatives from Hungary made for us.) Finally, the minister's apprentice who was a seminary student corrected him. It was humorous. On every anniversary from now on, we will have a toast for Rev. Love, Laura and Stanley