Monday, June 30, 2008

The Last Day of June

(Javacat on Porch, SJS 2008)

I should almost pinch myself. Today (Monday) was a great day! Usually Mondays resemble Office Space, but today just fell into place. It's nice when that happens. I played library and then practiced Hi-Ya! It was a good workout. If I practice hard and attend more classes, Master Sponseller will let me test for red belt in September. I'm going for it! Well, off to write for the conference! Enjoy a photo of Javacat,who is my muse!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Gravel Lake Goslings and Other Musings

(Gravel Lake Goslings Up Close, LCS 2008)

Another great weekend in my world. Friday I played library, and after a busy day, my friend M came over and we watched a movie and hung out. She read a few edited entries and gave pointers on the blog book I am pitching to an agent in late July,which is one of many reasons why I have not been blogging as often I have another friend who is a professional editor and is going to edit it as soon as it is finished.

Also, summer is here and social time is revved up as much as the sunblock I have been using lately. Plus I've been reading for the Summer Reading Program.

Saturday, Steve and I trekked up to Gravel Lake for the day, saw my family, ate wonderful meals, and visited friends. We left around 9:00 p.m., just in time for the deer. There were two beautiful deer as we pulled onto Van Buren Highway. They were does, we thought, meeting us up to the fence. We could see their tongues lolling back and forth. They were hopping around and looked at us with their beautiful brown eyes and lashes. Their little white tails wiggled as they hopped away. It was the proverbial picture perfect moment, except the camera battery died and the other one that was charged was at home. Hrumph. Not meant to be, I suppose.

Sunday, Steve took me to the church service where I am now coined "Conga Chick" and he saw me perform. Then a kind couple asked us out for breakfast and I never turn down food. So we dined at a place called Eddie's with five people. It was fun! Then we we visited Border's, bought presents, and then returned home. I trotted around the neighborhood and worked in the yard.
I swept the deck. If it ever stops raining for two days, we can actually paint! Oh, well... the foliage in the back yard is beautiful.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Rainbows and Lightning Strikes

(Rainbow during the Summer Storm, SJS 2008)

Happy Monday night! Hope you have recovered from the most challenging day of the week.
I played library and then played taekwondo. Both were challenging, but at the end, all is well and good for the spirit.

Yesterday evening Steve ventured outside the porch to snap photographs of the storms and rainbows. I stayed inside the porch, ready to dive under one of the white wicker couches if lightning struck too closely. (I was caught in a wicked storm one summer day and was almost struck by lightning, but that's another scary story.) Life can have both rainbows and lightning strikes, good things and bad things all happening at once. And in the end, the storm passes and the sun shines again.

Okay, that was my deep moment of the week. Time for bed. :)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Saturday Morning Blog: Airport, Bus Station, Coffee, and Critters

(Cats Looking for Critters LCS/2008)

As I have gotten older, I don't function well at 6:30 a.m., but I wanted to take a dear friend to the airport/bus station. It was a pleasant drive and my friend is a riot.

In-between giggles and several near misses of chipmunks and squirrels across the road (braking not swerving) it was a miracle we made it to the local Starbucks without a critter riding on my front bumper. (There needs to be a critter crossing sign on the road, but which one would they use for the sign? Hmm.)

My friend must have thought her survival and success of getting to the station on time was at risk, so she sprung for a shot of coffee at Starbucks. (Thank you.) The perky young barista at the counter must have indulged in several cups or she must have been a morning person. Anyway, she put a few extra squirts on energy boost in my tall (really small) cinnamon-flavored coffee. It was tasty, but I'm still waiting for the energy to kick in.

Anyway, I wake up a little bit and with my friend's expert navigation, we arrive safely at our destination with 10 minutes to spare. Now, trying to get out of the airport/bus station seems like a maze, but I manage to drive around and make it through seamlessly and arrive home without incident. I then crashed for the rest of the morning and afternoon because this stupid respiratory infection I've been fighting all week caught up with me. No energy.

Have a great Saturday and watch out for critters...


Friday, June 13, 2008

Midwest Writer's Conference and Muse Cats

(Latte Relaxing-SJS 2008)
(Java on the Porch-SJS 2008)

(Alien Jack--SJS 2008)

I did it. Now I have to go through with it. I registered for the Midwest Writer's Conference in Muncie, IN (Ball State University) and signed up for a ten minute interview with an agent. So exciting! I'm actually taking steps to go through with it. One of my dear friends will be taking the red pen to my manuscript beforehand(eek!). Thanks to dear Steve for encouraging me to go (he's going with me). Enclosed please find photos of the muse cats--one of many sources of inspiration. Photographs courtesy of Steve. Have a great weekend!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Better Done than Perfect: Riding the Waves

(Gravel Lake Waves, LCS June 2008)

Better Done Than Perfect. -A wise librarian.

A wise librarian mentioned that in a city branch renovation planning meeting. And you know what, I am adopting that mantra. Right now. Yes, Scorch (c'est moi) fixed pancakes this weekend. So what if I put a little too much oil on the pan and Mom had to pour some out in a cup so I don't start a kitchen fire? At least I tried... and the pancakes were edible. Nobody died after eating them. In fact, no one even got sick. :)I took class today. One more class towards earning my red belt. And that means one more class towards earning my 1st Dan Black Belt. Little steps. And better done than perfect.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Weathering the Week: Forwards and Backwards

(Outside Candlelight LCS/2008)

It's Friday. It's been a stormy week. I clear my head. I keep the overhead lights off. I grab the blue lighter. I ignite the scentless white candle in the clear glass. The clear glass that is held by the swirly wrought iron candle holder. I pause. I get lost in candlelight for a moment. I pause. I look at the page and start to type. I hear the wind rustle and the thunder rumble. I write. I see a flash of lightning out of both corners of my eyes.

I pause.

I see a flash of lightning out of both corners of my eyes. I write. I hear the thunder rumble and the wind rustle. I start to type and look at the page. I pause. I get lost in candlelight for a moment. I pause. The clear glass that is held by the swirly wrought iron candle holder. I admire the scentless white candle in the clear glass. I ignore the blue lighter. I keep the overhead lights off. I clear my head. It's been a stormy week. It's Friday.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Busy Weekend :)

(Lori and Steve at Reception,2008)

(Back of Hair 2008)
(Mug Shot lcs/2008)

It was a fast and fun weekend! Saturday morning I attended taekwondo and at 3p.m. I had my hair styled in preparation for a fun wedding (our snow angels' daughter). It was a lovely wedding and then a fun reception. We were able to walk to the reception from our home. Very convenient! We also met and now know a neighbor in our boulevard.
Sunday I played in church today (someone called me "conga chick") and we attended a friend's daughter's high school graduation party. It was a nice reception for her. I was very tired from the week and weekend, so we left and I took a long nap. Now I am going to go for a long walk tonight with a friend.

Have a good week!
Love, Lolo

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