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Decaffeinated Cats and Other Wednesday Musings

Lori and Java... 2009 It's nice to work weekends sometimes so I can get my errands done during the week. I picked up the rental car, put in my Beastie Boys CD, and rocked out. (Note to self: adhere to speed limits during Sabotage and Whatcha Want. It's so easy to drive fast to these songs.) Enjoyed a delicious lunch with a friend and then engaged in hairapy. I'm pleased with the color and cut with long layers trimmed so my hair doesn't resemble a triangle. I finally mustered the courage to pick up The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch and open the book. In case you didn't know, he's the professor who gave the last lecture while suffering from terminal pancreatic cancer. He has since passed, but his words are inspiring. I'm halfway through the book. (Note to self: add this title to GoodReads.) Rather than the caffeinated cats, I really should refer to Java and Latte as the decaffeinated cats. A friend mused that they are so mellow. Latte will run out the door…

Field of Blue

Field of Blue... LCS/2009 Tomorrow I'll paint and take a photograph of my Field of Blue painting to accompany this song. I wrote it early this a.m. (like 1a.m.) I wrote it in 15 minutes in a blue journal. I sent it to a musical friend who is in the process of putting this to music (blues, jazz, folk). Enjoy... Field of Blue Welcome to a field of blue where dreams begin and inspiration stems moving forward onto the painted page where emotions are raw and love is true Welcome to a field of blue where clouds are blown over away out until there is only a clear blue sky even if you have to cry oceans of pacific tears and face all one's hidden fears as waves and waves hit you and stop you and knock you over until you smile and become truly alive again Welcome to a field of blue where dreams begin and inspiration stems moving forward onto the painted page where emotions are raw and love is true Welcome to a field of blue where dreams begin and love never ends. LCS-2009

Coachella Music and Art Festival

Coachella Art-Tesla Coil--LM 2009 I lived vicariously through a friend who attending Coachellathat was held this weekend in beautiful Indio, California. The festival started in 1999 and has continued from 2001-present.There are several musical acts that performed at Coachella. Some of the more popular acts, at least in my Generation-X opinion, were Morrissey,Paul McCartney, Henry Rollins, M.I.A.,Joss Stone,Public Enemy, The Cure, and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. (The Yeah Yeah Yeah’s were just on SNL last week!)I also looked up Lollapalooza 2009 and it's in Chicago in August! The Beastie Boys are going to be a headliner! Whatcha, whatcha whatcha want...

A Musical Weekend

Crowd After the Performance... LCS 2009 I enjoyed our spring weekend. I played library, painted Friday afternoon, worked out, and attended film fest on Friday night. Saturday morning I played library until after 4:00 p.m., came home, and worked out. Then Steve and I drove to Lake Michigan College to see a girlfriend in the play entitled: Ragtime: The Musical based on the book written by E.L. Doctorow (1975). It's based on the story of three groups in America. It's heavy and powerful. Our friend managed to snag two seats in the fourth row, so we had a GREAT view. The one-night performance with a professional symphony orchestra brought the audience to our feet. After the performance there was a crowd to meet and greet the actors. I dared my friend to wear her costume out to dinner afterwards, but she politely declined. :) We managed to find a Chili's restaurant open in the off-season in St. Joseph, Michigan at 11:00 p.m. for a moonlight snack (okay, a meal.) We arrived home …

Wednesday Night Musings

Is spring finally here? I am jonesing to get out into my yard and attempt to make it pretty for late spring /summer. When I am available to go outside, it's raining. Hmm. Still too early yet. I am also going to plant food in pots on the deck. I may even paint my pots. :)What are your favorite foods from the garden? It's been a busy week already and will be a busier weekend. A lot of projects are coming together. Our library re-dedication and LaSalle RetroFest will be on Saturday, July 11, 2009. I hope you can join me. We'll be celebrating the 1940's, so there will be swing music playing. Perhaps I will dust off my drums and can play too... It will be wonderful to finally come back home to a beautiful new facility. I finally broke down and went to aftercare today. I was hoping it would be just allergies. Sinus infection. Gah. I was stoked that my script was FREE at Meijer. I was so on that. (Some scripts can be very expensive.) Afterwards, I came home, let the caff…

Happy Rainy Monday

Good afternoon, It's a rainy Monday and that's okay. I took today off since I am playing library from Tuesday-Saturday. I was going to do yard work, but that's totally not going to happen. I'll do inside stuff today. I slept in and Latte is now attempting to give me a shoulder massage as I write (use SOFT paws Latte. No claws, please!) Before I visit the gym today, I am happy to report that a friend from California sent us a couple books he co-wrote called Does It Count? Conversation Starters. I'm looking forward to reading it and trying it out some people. Don't be surprised if I ask you a fun question! P.S. Yes, M., I have stood up on a board. This must mean I am a surfer. :)

Happy Easter and Happy Birthday, Steve!

Good morning, Trying to get moving before attending an early rehearsal for Easter services. Although our family in recent years hasn't been big on Easter, it's a little nostalgic today. I remember the early morning services the youth group would put on. Also, happy happy birthday to my sweet Steve. He is 37 today. Now we're the same age until July! He is such an amazing person (and will be totally not happy I wrote this but too bad.... the world has to know what a great guy Steve is!) We'll go to lunch to celebrate. I'll have to thank his parents again for raising such a great son. Okay, off to get ready. Have a good day! -xo

Katie the Irish Setter

We tried out Katie the Irish Setter today. She's too much dog for us. (Yes, you can say you told me so.) At least we know that she is not the right breed for us. Katie (a 9-month Irish Setter puppy) went for walks with us and she even took a nap on our couch, with puppy paws twitching. She's beautiful and energetic and...high maintenance. Our caffeinated cats (Java and Latte) are warily scoping the place out after the aftermath of ultimate dogness. Perhaps in time they will forgive us for this recent transgression. I want to thank my "dog" friends for giving me a heads-up about Irish Setters, which is why Steve and I originally said we would give it a try before committing to adopting her. Have a Good Easter!-xo

Reading my Vent on Grief

Well, it's been a good, hard, productive week. A trying Friday, though. I'm tired. I painted today and still have green acrylic paint on my hands. If you ever get a chance, paint with acrylics without brushes. It's like fingerpainting for adults. There's much more feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction. And I do want to pass on a message for those who are experiencing grief... and those who have friends or family who have lost a loved one... There is no timetable for grief and getting over someone (which actually, you never do). Do not let anyone impose a time limit on you to "get back to normal", especially if these are your first days, first holidays, first months, first year... you find out your support system and learn to find yourself quickly during this process. (Because grief is also a solitary experience.) People who are grieving want to move forward JUST AS MUCH as people who are not. Even more so since they are in pain. And there are the supp…

Saturday Surfing and Leaving for L.A.

Saturday Saturday was a lot of fun. Steve and I enjoyed breakfast at a little cafe in San Diego called The Eggery, visited a farmer's market, bought fruits and flowers, trolled on the boardwalk on Mission Beach, crashed a friend's place, walked a dog (as featured in the last blog), checked out of our resort, returned to a friend's place, met new people, rented a wetsuit, went surfing, and had to leave for L.A. to catch a flight home the next day. Surfing today was more intense. The waves were higher and it was windy. One of my new friends helped me to try to catch a wave. I didn't...the waves caught me rather...but it was a lot of fun trying. Saturday Night We dined in a restaurant in LA: it was called 96th Street Bistro.On our last night in California, we dined in this restaurant. Located in the Renaissance Los Angeles Airport Hotel, this venue was casual and elegant. Our waiter was fun--he laughed at my quirky humor. I had to have California wine--in California. (…

California Dog Blog Posting: Willy the Pup

Saturday morning Willy the Pup gets his own blog post. He is such a sweet little guy. I took him for a walk on Mission Beach. He chomped on the leash and growled like he wanted to go out and explore! So we did. Something that alarmed me at first and struck me as interesting later is that Willy does not play well with bulldogs. (Apparently a bulldog was not kind to him in a former life.) A bulldog sniffed at him out on the boardwalk and Willy started snarling! Yikes! A dogfight in my care! I envisioned Willy coming home bruised and bloody and his happy tail broken. But, no, I pried Willy away from the bulldog (no dogs reported injured) and we strolled on our merry way. We experienced a great walk with Willy the Pup's little tail going at 100 miles an hour. (I wonder if you can utilize his tail for some kind of wind energy.) We walked for a little bit and then we strolled back to the cottage.

A Quick Siesta on the Beach, the Wave House, a Sunset, and a Quick Dinner

I look at the photos, realize how much fun we had and what a magical weekend it truly was. After the surf lesson, Steve and I perched on the chairs under an umbrella and zoned out for a bit. Then we got hungry, talked to our friend L. and visited his cottage off of Mission Beach. I totally fell in love with his dog, Willy. (I think that's where I got my puppy lust.) We hung out for awhile and then went to a place called The Wave House Bar and Grill. Here's my MojoPages review: "This is a fun place to visit. It's an amusement park for twenty- and- thirty somethings. There's a wave called the Brutus Maximus that people can surf while patrons enjoy their favorite beverage or liquor that resembles cough syrup. The service wasn't that great, but the food was decent (bar/deli food) and our friends provided the afternoon entertainment for us." Enough said. A friend joked on FaceBook, What happens in San Diego, gets posted on FaceBook. Ha! We had a good time.…

Surf School

My friend D. asked me to post the Gidget photos as soon as possible. Sorry, D., this girl's in a wetsuit. It's too cold to frolic in the ocean in just a swimsuit, although one brave soul did on Saturday. :) Steve arranged with the hotel for me to take a surfing class with The Pacific Beach Surf School . My surfing instructor was so nice! Here's an excerpt from my review with MojoPages: Craig the surfing instructor was wonderful. The class ended up being a group lesson of two, so it was discounted. Craig gave us the history of surfing and then took us out into the Pacific Ocean! I caught waves! It was amazing. Tip #1: Tip the surfing instructor. Tip #2: Wear a swimsuit under the wetsuit. It's a rental. Tip #3: Make sure they don't overcharge you if you book your class through the Catamaran. I felt one with the waves. I felt more alive than I had in a long time.

Breakfast at the Catamaran

Lori and Steve enjoying breakfast at the Catamaran...2009 Friday, March 27 A perfect day. Blue skies, breezy, clean, clear, and happy. Just a happy place. Steve and I enjoyed a granola-and-yogurt breakfast (which we'll have to make at home) outside on the patio with a view of the bay. After breakfast, it will be time for surf school.

Catamaran to Hotel Solamar

Lori on the Phone, Catamaran... SJS 2009 San Diego in the Evening... LCS 2009 Mojomural... LCS 2009 We drove to lovely downtown San Diego where the last San Diego MojoPages party was held. It was so nice! We saw an interesting puppet show (I wanted to run behind the stage and play too) and a ping pong tournament. Also, an artist created a mural onsite. Very interesting. It was so great to see my friend L. from high school and meet his friends. He said a kind toast to us. We travelled up to the 4th floor, enjoyed cocktails, and saw the view of historic San Diego. We drove home and crashed.

Arrival in Beautiful San Diego

View from our deck... LCS 2009 View of the bay from our suite... LCS 2009 Steve and I arrived in San Diego around 4:30 p.m. Our room in the Catamaran was upgraded to a suite! Sweet! (Pun intended.) We experienced an amazing view with the bay directly in front of us and the ocean to our right. Our room was located in the tower (6th floor). The weather was perfect for the whole weekend: sunny, windy, and a bit breezy.

Alien Fresh Jerky: Welcome to California

Lori next to a palm tree in Baker, California... SJS 2009 Alien Fresh Jerky: Welcome to California... LCS 2009 Thursday, March 26 Steve and I stopped at an Arby's outside of an interesting town called Baker, California. It's right next to the Mojave National Preserve. The town had a carnival feel to me. We passed a couple of interesting restaurants. Where else would you find a statue of David next to a stop sign or an alien perched on the top of a roof that advertised a restaurant called Alien Fresh Jerky?

From Las Vegas to California

From Las Vegas to California... LCS 2009 Thursday, March 26 As usual, Steve woke me up early this morning. We checked out seamlessly from the Luxor and took a taxi to the car rental place. The attendant and the cab driver were funny and kind. Our cab driver provided us with a tip: watch out for the winds. The rental place,, was busy because of spring break. I guarded the luggage and Steve took care of the rental information. We picked out a silver Chrysler Seabring. (It matched my outfit.) The weather is gorgeous, 70+ degrees, dry, windy, blue skies, and a few clouds adorn the air. We drove through the desert and mountains and then we were in California! Tumbleweeds, yellow desert flowers, mountains, foothills, dust, popped ears, and elevation of 4,000 feet. Palm trees, cacti, CA license plates.

Flying from Chicago to Las Vegas

Trekking Through the Desert... LCS 2009 Wednesday, March 25 It seemed to take forever although the layover was only like an hour and a half. After finishing our plane boarding place, we foraged for food. We found a Quiznos and Steve almost ran into a security officer. We sat down and my sub sandwich fell over. Some fell on the carpet. The guy next to us laughed and told us he lives in Las Vegas. He's a fireman for Las Vegas and served in Iraq and Afghanistan in the air force. He laughed when I asked if everyone in the Air Force flew planes (I didn't know.) "No," was his amused reply. He gave us a flying tip since he flies about once a week: the best seats are above the left window in front of the wheel. We thanked him for the tip. Steve and I eventually departed on the flight. The person who took the tickets laughed and joked with the passengers. We then sat down next to a very kindly middle-aged woman named Diane from Las Vegas. She was funny. We were making fun …

Flying from South Bend to Chicago

Somewhere Between Las Vegas and California... LCS 2009 Wednesday, March 25 I'm officially on vacation! Woke up early this morning with Steve saying goodbye and Latte sleeping next to me. J called and left a message about a food party (which we will be gone). It was a dreary morning, drizzling and raining. It's about 50 degrees here in the Bend. I closed my jewelry party (a successful one!) and made appointments for getting my hooves painted and hairapy. I don't want to fuss with my hair throughout most of my trip. So I visited friends at Salon Rouge and engaged in a great Hairapy session. Then Steve and I packed up and Dad S. chauffeured us to the airport. At the airport, we learned how to do the self check-in thanks to a friendly person named Lisa. It was amusing, as a person at the counter checked us in and told us if we hurried, we could catch an earlier flight to Chi-town. However, when we arrived in the terminal area, no one was at the United Express terminal and w…