Friday, October 28, 2011

October Poem

I returned home from a conference today in Indy and witnessed the most gorgeous sunset. Of course, this inspired me to draft the following poem: A Golden Orange Sunset in Indiana (good night) Golden orange sun, sinking to our west on a late October night, your color complements autumn leaves to my left-- and to my right. And now as you disappear beyond the blur of nearly naked trees much to my delight, your gray and white pink sunset sky-- a view much to my delight. (good night) Golden orange sun, sinking to our west, now it is night, now it is time to let you go, (my) Golden orange sun for it is time for both of us to rest. (good night) lcs/2011

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Hamburger

Except for some of the disgusting fare we cover in articles and book chapters, I tend to crave whatever we are discussing in my Poetics and Politics of Food Class. You may have heard me refer to it as my Foodie Lit Class. A couple of weeks ago, among other foodie things we discussed edamame beans, a review on a journalist nibbling on rat cuisine in China, and then a discussion about salt as it relates to history and literature, I was hungry. To clarify, I wasn't hungry for the sauteed rats; I rather pined for edamame beans sprinkled with a little pinch of salt tossed over my left shoulder to ward away evil spirits. Can you tell I embellished a bit on the last part? I did not partake in the tossing of the salt.
For this week, I nearly finished the book "The Hamburger" by Josh Ozersky. The title captures the story. The book is about the history of the hamburger. There are comics, illustrations, an appendices, and an index. The tone is conversational yet academic in regards to the amount of research placed in the book. Admittedly, to the chagrin of my vegan and vegetarian friends, I craved a hamburger. Yep, we paid homage to "Five Guys" and indulged.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Allergy Test Wednesday

Later this morning I will be visiting a new allergist to find out why I keep getting respiratory infections and asthma. It will be my fourth or fifth date with the irritating scratches on my arm and back; I was seven when I had my first round of tests. Hopefully I will not be severely allergic to cats, diet coke, or wine. When I asked my sweet husband what we would do if I was allergic to the Lady Cats, Steve replied, "We'll miss you." Hrumph. Admittedly, I laughed. Steve has a great sense of humor. (Steve's still laughing at his joke.) Hopefully, I'm not allergic to Hungarians, otherwise I may have to get cootie shots.

Friday, October 14, 2011

"Give In" Poem from 2005

Poem from the Lost Files. I wrote this on a piece of paper after I received an autographed CD in 2005. Anne Heaton is one of my favorite musicians. Thank you, Anne, for inspiring me. “Give In” “To Lori, Enjoy… Anne Heaton.” Tired from a long week and resting up for a little bit more of my week among the bills among the other imposing snail mail I receive a surprise package It was the CD I purchased A short time and forgotten ago I threw on my Inspiration pajamas (you know the ones broken in with all the holes) took out the library’s Eragon CD book one and replaced it. With the CD purchased A short time and almost forgotten ago Music on CD Armed with pencil in hand Attempting to transcribe the words whirring in my weary head “Give In,” Anne sang As I write until I am spent Until I turn out the light in my mind. and fell asleep. LCS/ 2005

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Embracing the Changing of the Seasons

It's a beautiful day outside. Leaves twirl like figure skaters in the blue sky. Up here in northern Indiana, today may be one of the last gorgeous Indian summer days before the cold fall weather returns. I appreciate the weather and its beauty. I am as restless and as wistful as the leaves clinging onto the branches, ready to soar into the wind but afraid to let go of the trees, embracing the changing of the seasons.

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Java Cat Turns Thirteen in October

(Java is on the right; Moshi is on the left.)
Wow. This resilient kitty turns thirteen this month. We do not know the exact date since we adopted her in January of 1999. She was three months old and resembled a fox more than a cat. Eventually this shy, skittish young kitten morphed into an assertive and loving companion.
Java weathered a lot of seasons with us, such as losing her older (and favorite) brother, Jack and her younger sister Latte within two years. Java also endured changes with the second generation of kitties: Moshi and Sakura. She also experienced health issues over the years: an abscessed front fang, kidney disease, and arthritis. We thought we were going to lose her a couple times in the last few years. However, Miss Java carries on in her dignified Lady Cat way. We also switched to organic cat food in the last couple years and swear by it. Java is doing well with it. Interestingly, with the exception of Jack, Java and her sisters were all brought to us by friends or friends of friends. Java was the only feline that was not abandoned, hungry, incarcerated, or tossed out of a moving vehicle. Java was given to us from the comforts of a nice home with other kitties and we are grateful to have her. We understand all too well that every day with Java--and all of our loved ones--is a gift.

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