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Moshi the Feral

Steve and I agree that Moshi is the most laid-back kitty in the house. She has a sweet disposition, and always concerned about her humans or her sister cats. However, there are two instances where Moshi transforms into a frightening feral beast: a) when she sees the cat carrier; and b) when she sees another cat in the backyard. Okay, we could technically add a third instance: feeding time. However, we adopted her as a hungry stray kitten, so we'll give her a pass. I hear a growl from the dining room and notice that there is one of the locals peering through the glass. I then notice Moshi emit another yowl. Her entire torso is splayed on the glass with all four limbs stretched out. Moshi's tail resembles the plume of a red fox, and she lets out another yowl. At this point Javacat chimes in with a low alto yowl and the Lady Cat chorus fills the room. Sakura, confused, crawls towards Moshi, who hisses and attempts to claw her sister. At this point, I knock on the glass and sho…

Thankful for Friends

I am grateful for friends. Friends who opened their hearts and homes for gatherings this season and throughout the year. Friends who understand--rather than judge--the challenges of having ADD. I have leaned on friends, especially during times of grief, sadness, and shadow. You are there and you love me for it. And for that, my friends, I am thankful for you. xoxo P.S. M & K: thank you for turning a helliday into a holiday. Loved the tofurkey.

Moshi 1, Spiderplant 0

Here's an adorable photograph of Moshi (left) and Sakura (right). I have an interesting tale about Moshi. I shall refer to her as Moshilla (like Gozilla) since she is acting rather beastly. A colleague brought in a spider plant and gave them out to us. I had the plant in the downstairs bathroom in a glass of water. I made the mistake of leaving it on top of the counter last night. (I was planning to replant it.) This morning, I notice that most of the tiny plant is gone. I wonder who the culprit was? Well, as I type this entry in my office, a little cat walks in, slithers around the perameter of the room, and catapults towards my spider plant that is near the window. Fortunately, I was armed with a spray bottle to protect my plants from this ovnivorous beast. (She's lucky she's adorable.) Now I know who is responsible for the bite marks on my plants and I am grateful to only have safe plants around.

The Firefly Letters

I tagged along with Steve and hung out in the New Book Room --I call it the Lincoln Room due to the large statue of Abe next to the window -- at the Schurz Library while he worked downstairs. After doing a bit of grading, I admired the landscaping outside. Then I took a peek at the new books. On top of the shelves was a book entitled The Firefly Letters by Margarita Engle. It's a book for young adults; I love literature for teens and youth. The story is told in poetic form about three girls: Fredrika, Cecilia, and Elena. The story is based on the life of Fredrika Bremer. There are resources listed at the end of the book. I could not put the book down and checked it out. I finished it soon after. I highly recommend this book not just for young adults, but for adults who like history narrated in a poetry.

First Snow

Yesterday we had our first snow of the season. It was pretty; some of the fall leaves still clung to the branches; the last stubborn ones hold on, reluctant to change to the upcoming winter. Admittedly, I am not looking forward to another season with regrets, relationships grown cold, what-could-have-been and what-will -never- be. I'm turning cold; I'm growing old before my years. At least, for now, I recognize that snow--like my existence--as cold and bitter as it appears to be--can still be lovely with value and worth.

Humans 3, Lady Cats 2

(Java, Sakura, and Moshi, 2011) Steve and I spent our Sunday afternoon replacing the fabric underneath the couch. Moshi and Sakura Hemingway have discovered that if they scratch hard enough, they can tear open the fabric and crawl inside. How convenient for them. However, it was disconcerting to feel them in the sofa when one is attempting to relax. In addition, the gray stuffing was hanging down and all over the floor. (*sigh*) So the sofa is tipped over on its side; Steve is doing most of the unstapling/stapling while I am attempting to keep the Lady Cats occupied. See, it looks like great fun for kitties to watch humans tear and staple fabric. They want to participate, too. And yes, the Lady Cats are so helpful as they get underfoot. Miss Java Cat is the only one to have the sense to stay out of the way; as the mature Lady Cat, she respectfully heads upstairs and makes a nest in the upstairs bedroom. After the last staple has been pushed into the couch and tipped back to normal,…

I Dream of Cheese

My dreams are usually strange, but what is the definition of strange in regards to dreams? Perhaps in the paradigm of dreams, my dreams are perfectly normal. Alas, the dreams I experienced last night are worthy--and appropriate--to share. To preface, I am teaching an extra section of Effective Public Speaking this month. So basically, I teach two four-hour classes back-to-back three days a week and then spend the rest of my time attending faculty meetings, conferring with students, and grading. Fortunately, grading is lighter in speech class because I am grading as students are speaking. It's been enjoyable so far. I hope my students are enjoying class or at least dreading it a little less. Back to dreams. I was taking speech again; it was a large class. The assignment was to present an extemporaneous speech. I remember the classroom took place in a building with a lot of corridors, hallways, and rooms; it was like a maze. Also, I had a lot of bags of clothes with me. I was goin…