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Love and Capitol: Karl and Jenny Marx and the Birth of a Revolution

Yesterday morning, Steve dropped me off at IU so I could attend my two-hour class on Marxism and The Communist Manifesto. I may have mentioned this before, so please forgive me if I have, but I am taking an intensive, six-week one-credit course on Marxism and The Communist Manifesto. It's interesting. We learned about the concepts of alienation and class consciousness. I am also reading a book called Love and Capital: Karl and Jenny Marx and the Birth of a Revolution. Mary Gabriel expertly spins a ninteeth-century yarn about Karl Marx, Marxism, and The Communist Manifesto, revolution, etc., but she also adds another element to the revolutionary mix: his personal life with Jenny(wife), Lenchen(housekeeper and lover), and his children. From my previous readings and research, I did not know a lot about Jenny, and the more I read and learned about her, the more I believe that she received the short end of the deal. Marx himself admitted as much in letters to Engels, his cohort. It…

Classes and Presentations

The first month of 2012 has been busy so far. Since it's January, my least favorite month of the year, that's fine. This month I am teaching two four-hour classes (Composition I) three days a week and tutoring on Wednesdays. This semester, I am taking a four-credit course (Stylistics), a one-credit course (The Communist Manifesto), and I just signed up for a two-credit independent study course. So yes, that makes seven credits of graduate work this winter/spring. However, it's been a LOT of fun and it will be worth it. At the end of this semester, I'll be fourteen credits towards my MLS. Woo-hoo! Steve and I also presented a session on the indie publishing platform at the Francis Branch Library, and I presented a session at BMC on the same topic. I also met with a friend about setting up a website. And it's only January 21. Whew! It's been a prosperous month. There are twelve copies of my book at the St. Joseph County Public Library and ALL but the reference …

Happy New Year: Part Two

Oh, yes. I need to continue the New Year's evening. It's January 7 already! Anyway, the story continues... Steve and I enjoyed the homemade pizza. Seven humans and two adorable--and flatulent--Italian greyhounds brought in the new year together. The humans played games like Apples to Apples and Spoons, and then engaged in lively, gut-busting, will-not-repeat conversation. It was a great way to cut 2011 loose and bring in 2012 with laughter and fun.

Happy New Year: Part One

Happy New Year! Steve and I celebrated with friends. Because hello-idays can be intense for this sensitive soul, I was tempted to hole up in the sanctuary of my room and not emerge until the next day. However, our friends D. and P. wanted us to be there and put a lot of love and time into the preparations, although they would have completely understood. So, after an inspiring coffee and brunch date with P., I fought the urge to step back into shadow. (Steve is up for anything--he's flexible with plans.) We visited a card party outlet and bought hats and glasses for the occasion. A kid tried out one of the party noisemakers and Steve and I jumped several inches. I also found a strange pair of sunglasses. (For some reason, I am attracted to funky sunglasses, so I bought them. There's the UV protection too as a bonus.) After selecting the supplies, we proceeded to the line to purchase the items. It was fine, except that this place also makes balloon arrangements. (I can't st…