Monday, December 31, 2012

Dreams for the Morrow: A Poem

Last Poem of 2012:

Dreams for the Morrow

Another interesting year passes
with some love and some sorrow,
with life lessons learned
along the way,

Hoping this year surpasses
with dreams for the morrow,
with gratitude earned
at the end of the day.

Happy New Year! xo

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Be Kind to Wait Staff: A Rant

Steve and I just returned from a local restaurant. I hope we made a difference tonight, because there are a lot of entitled, indulgent, and mean-spirited folks out there. I overheard a staff member member say that she wasn't tipped. When I called the manager to our table to express the good service and cuisine, he was thankful because he had three complaints prior to us. (Aw, did it take too long to refill their cocktails? Those poor, deprived babies. They probably didn't need them anyway.) We asked our server's name, and gave her ours. We asked her how she was doing, and she was shocked. "Thank you for asking," She said. "No one ever asks."

Does it really hurt to act like a human being to another human being? I can speak with conviction and ethos because I worked in food service. I was a biscuit maker, busgirl, dishwasher, hostess, and a server (the latter for one day. Because I couldn't put up with people's nonsense.) If you haven't had the pleasure, try food service for a day. I think most people would be a little more empathic. I'm not saying that I never had a crabby moment in my life (I'm hypoglycemic-I've had many), but at least I try not to be venomous to people who are trying to make a living.

I will no longer dine with people who are obnoxious to wait staff. (It's not the time to try out your cutesy, immature comedy schtick.) Last year at Gen Con, the 4th busiest convention annually in Indianapolis with over 40,000 in attendance, part of our table left early on a Saturday night with a $2.00 tip. What the hell? The rest of the party (including us) had to make up the difference. Well, C., and your tacky entourage, we will never dine with your cheap tacky selves again in Indianapolis. Or anywhere.

Back to our table tonight. Our server is a sweet, young, single mom of two, and we left her a large gratuity and a note. Hopefully it will make up for the jackasses who don't know how to act in a restaurant. If you can't be decent or afford to pay a decent gratutity (that's tip for those of you who don't do it well or at all), stay home and order delivery. Wait, you better order carry-out, because then you won't have to pay a tip. P.S. I was informed by a friend who is a server that you should leave a tip for carryout. Thank you, J., for the information.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Happy Thursday

Losing track of time while on vacay. What day is this? Oh, yes, it's Thursday.

Enjoyed the company of family and friends over Christmas. We played board and card games, read, slept in as long as the Lady Cats would let us, viewed movies (must see Les Miserables at the theatre-amazing), and visited the library. Trying to finish 100 books by December 31 for the Goodreads Reading Challenge. (So far, 77 books down, 23 to go. Next year, the goal will be slightly pared down, especially if Victor Hugo is going to be one of the books to peruse in 2013. It's a monster.)

The weather is finally cooperating enough to plug in the iPod, pull out the ice skates, and start skating, as it is a great workout.

Here are some disgustingly adorable cat photos for your amusement.

Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wednesday Christmas

Today I spent the day shopping for gifts for our host family, which consisted of a mom and two daughters. After shopping and wrapping the gifts, Steve and I brought them over to the house. We were greeted at the door with a darling little chihuahua. The family was sweet, gave hugs, and the youngest daughter presented a coloring page and a handcrafted ornament. The youngest daughter placed the wrapped presents under a small tree.

The mom said to us, "Someday when I get on my feet, I am going to do the same thing."

It's all about paying it forward, but why do I still feel numb? I think it's because I wish we could do more. Someone at one of the stores mentioned today that there was a line around the block at the Mishawaka food pantry waiting for lunch.

I asked Steve, "Why not have something like a poetry pantry in April? Team up sponsors and writers, and for every short poem submitted, a can of food can be donated to the banks." The idea is worth pursuing, and that gives me a spark of hope.

Sunday, December 16, 2012


I am taking a break in-between revising and submitting final articles for class. It has been another interesting season; I have learned a lot from teaching and taking courses. Next semester I will be taking a four-credit graduate non-fiction writing course.

Three more articles, two to finish. I hope one will be featured in the university magazine.

Thursday, December 06, 2012


I am taking a momentary break from taking and teaching classes this semester. The final weeks are here. Moshi is resting beside me under my left arm. I want to share a book that I read recently. It was a book recommendation from my friend K. The book is entitled Lirael, and the story is about a young lady who becomes a librarian and who discovers monsters and magic within the chambers of the library. Lirael also discovers that she has magical powers. The book is the second in a fantasy series written by Garth Nix. The audience is for young adults, which is how I think I will market my novel. Now to peruse the other two novels by this author. Thank you, K.! for the recommendation!

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