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Lost in Hawes

How many librarians does it take to find Hawes, England?
Steve and I trekked southwest from Scotland to Newcastle to Hawes. Somehow, we were separated from our friends. Thank goodness we purchased an updated map and our friend M. gave us great directions.

So what did we do? We drove down the gorgeous countryside. Once we reached Hawes a few hours later, Steve and I realized that we did not have the exact address.Thankfully, we had the phone number of the campground. (Our house was located in a campground.) It was a Saturday night in a charming little hamlet, the sun was setting, and all the shops were closed.  Finding a place in a strange country at dusk was a little scary.  Oh, and our cell phones did not work.

"Steve, there has to be a pub open somewhere."
"Good idea, Lolo,"

So we visited the White Hart Inn, and asked the manager named Matt for directions. Matt the kindly manager took pity on two lost and tired Americans, and not only allowed us to use their p…

Block Happens

Block happens. You thought I was going to say something else, didn't you?  (And, yes, that happens too.) Block happens:the dreaded writer's block. It's a cliche', I know. But it happens. And this time, for me,writer's block happened here.

Since July 20, this blog has been silent, almost like my blogging brain took a virtual mid-summer siesta and I am now just waking up. I have had several starts and stops, but just could not form the words to type. The key is to keep trying until the words start aligning on the page, much like the stars. And that's cliche', too, but the point is, keep at it until the words come out. (And I need to take my own advice more often.)  But alas, the blog block is over (thank goodness) and we can move forward. Where were we? Oh yes, Europe. June 2013.  It has almost been two months since Steve and I went on a journey to Scotland and England. (J and M, I have not forgotten about the banana pancakes.)

We drove through Scotland unti…