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Dressing Simply

I gave my students an assignment; my students gave me an assignment in return. I submitted this email to the CEO of the company this morning.

September 13, 2013
Dear David F. Dyer, 
Your company was founded in 1983; I have been wearing Chico’s clothing since 1992. So, this means that I have been wearing Chico’s apparel for over 20 years. I had considered purchasing stock from your company. However, after a service customer issue that occurred in the Mishawaka, Indiana store in August 28, 2013, I am seriously reconsidering my position. In fact, I am reconsidering my position of purchasing any Chico’s clothing in the future. 
The location of this shop is nestled inside a strip mall that is located close to Granger, which is an affluent community connected to the cities of Mishawaka and South Bend. I dressed simply on that Wednesday to shop for clothing because it was a 90-degree day. I sported a black tank top and Chico’s jeans in order to try on clothing efficiently. I did not wear …

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