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Prove. Yourself. Write.

Hello. Even though Steve and I have been snowed in for several days this month, I have not had the desire to write.
Although there are individual and collaborative writing projects in the works, it has been a struggle to write, or do anything.
However, I mustered the energy to write a poem for Martin Luther King Day at the Century Center. The poem is based on a previous blog entry; I dedicate this poem to T., and to all my other writerly friends. Please feel free to make a copy and put it near your writing space for inspiration.

Prove. Yourself. Write. (2014)

Prove. Yourself. Write.
Prove. Yourself. Write.
Some days
I have to repeat this mantra
to myself.

Some days
I have to put the fear of rejection
on the shelf.
Some days
when I receive a rejection
from an editor
stating that “we are sorry to inform you…”

that my writing
isn’t literary enough
to take space on the page
and that twenty-first century rejection
is no longer worth
a letter and a st…

A Strange Day

It's been a strange day. I slept restlessly last night; I woke up and immediately made an appointment for hairapy. Had a good cry and a successful blowout with W the Stylist. Hairapy was particularly cathartic; I later went to Ulta and purchased makeup and hair products. That's one of the ways I remember my mother today, as she always loved to have her hair styled. She always looked good.

After hairapy and errands, I visited friends. After I visited friends and returned home, I accidentally sent my husband's cousin a lovey-dovey message. His name is right above Steve's on Google chat. After L politely responded that he was the wrong recipient, I apologized, told him to never mind and to carry on. Meanwhile, I am sure I won't live that down for awhile. Mea culpa...

I rested for a couple of hours and finished a book called First Love by James Patterson that I picked up at the 'bary today. The damn book is about cancer, but I didn't find out until halfway t…

Happy 2014: The Year of the Soup

A FB friend posted that eating cabbage on New Year’s Day means good luck. Well, Steve and I lucked out because we finished eating a second successful batch of homemade vegetable soup. The sequel was as good as the season premiere. Of course, it’s not perfect, but the soup was not burned, and no one died during or after the consumption of soup. That’s success in my book. I noticed Steve left a few chunks of carrots in the bottom of the soup, so note to self: slice the carrots so they are smaller.

So, you are probably wondering why I am geeking out over the creation of something as simple as vegetable soup. Because friends, I am not confident in the kitchen. I have always been afraid to mess up and/ or burn up the kitchen in the process. However, I had a culinary heart-to-heart chat with a friend and she gave me the wisdom and the confidence to try it. (I appreciate that many others have tried before her, on this day, somehow, it clicked.)

There are two main ingredients to vegetabl…