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Yesterday was my last day teaching at the private college. Yesterday was bittersweet after teaching there for four years. I sort of fell into the job and with all the changes there, I sort of fell out, but this time, into new teaching opportunities.

Since I am teaching four classes at IUSB (Library Literacy and Speech) as an adjunct and writing my thesis, there was no time for teaching at this location any more. I learned life lessons, teaching methods, and I met some great people. It's yet another change in life but it's time. Time to turn the page and open the next chapter. I am grateful for the opportunities. I will take these experiences to contribute in my next adventures.

Feral Cat Family: the Conclusion

As quickly as June Cat and her kittens took refuge under our side porch, they left. On a Friday morning, the cat family moved out. Although we had a brief June Cat sighting last night, the kittens are nowhere to be found. We are both concerned and relieved.

Herding Cats: The Outdoor Herd


Herding Cats: The Indoor Herd

For your amusement, here are recent photos of our indoor herd:

Java on her couch.

Moshi in the penthouse.

Sakura on the lookout.

Herding Cats

I kid you not. This week has been the week of herding cats at Chez Sigety. Let me explain.

*I taught class on Monday afternoon from 1-5. When I pulled my car into the driveway, I noticed a sleek gray cat and her five kittens doing a face plant on a hapless lifeless blackbird. They scattered when I stepped out of the car and walked up the front porch into the house.

*The kittens have been burrowing underneath a hole in the side porch by the side of the house. (Note to self: fix the porch!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

*I sent Steve an email, and he arrives home with canned Whiskas food. We put out food and a bowl of water. Mama cat is famished and eats two cans by herself.

*Put a shout out on social networking (Facebook) for assistance.

*Although they are so cute, Steve and I decided we could not keep any of the cats. (We have three cats already.)

*Called a few rescue places. They are all booked this time of year. We do not wish to contact the Humane Society because they are overcrowded. …