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Updates from 2015

Happy New Year and almost happy spring! The last two and a half months have simultaneously crawled and flown. It's been a busy, exciting 2015 so far, and we are grateful. Steve is working at the library and teaching online courses. He is also pursuing writing prospects. Steve is a terrific writer and I am glad he is putting his work out there. (Check out his blog, Kaijuville, if you have a chance.)

The Cat Zoo is doing well and keeping us busy. They are sweet and adorable and they continue to keep us entertained and warm this winter. It is never lonely chez Sigety! Yes, we have been called crazy cat people, but we are near the age where we really don't care what people think, or at least as not as much.

There are three reasons why I've been quiet on here for almost a season. First, I am teaching four classes in three different subject areas: library science,literature, and speech. It's a lot and it can be exhausting, but I am grateful for the opportunities, grate…