Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Rainy Balmy Tuesday

Hi there! I took a mental health day just to sleep. And I slept in until noon! The kitties kept me company. I'm still so happy about RetroFest and Mom and Dad's 40th anniversary. That's a milestone Steve and I hope to achieve. It's almost Labor Day. And then fall. I love autumn! Hopefully life will slow down a little bit now so I can thoroughly enjoy it. Love,Lolo

Sunday, August 27, 2006

LaSalle RetroFest 2006 and Anniversary

Hi there, This weekend was a whirwind! We hosted a very successful RetroFest with a lot of cool programs. We collected 2,017 items for Food for Fines to help the food pantry. After RetroFest, we rushed to Tippecanoe Place for Mom and Dad's 40th anniversary dinner. Very exciting... and I didn't fall asleep in my dinner. Today we all went up to Gravel Lake and had a relaxing day. I read a spooky book by John Saul. Interesting. Have a great week! Love, Lolo

Thursday, August 24, 2006


Good Evening, I found a couple of poems in one of my scraps of paper: Cool waves rushing on a midsummers sunset and moonrise on a star summer sun said goodbye and crescent moon says hello as I fall asleep. One more day before the big RetroFest day! Love, Lolo

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Wednesday Sleepies

Hello there, We had a nice bolt of lightning tonight! It made my poor Javacat jump. I always like a good storm if I'm inside looking out. Pretty soon the weekend will be here, a cool festival will be launched without a hitch, and Steve and I will enjoy a nice evening with my family at Tippecanoe. Love, Lolo

Friday, August 18, 2006

Taps on a bumper

Hello, I am so annoyed. I am driving back from the pharmacy picking up drugs for my bronchitis (at least my sinuses are clear) and I am at a light. Minding my own business. A kid in a Jimmy Johns car rams me in the rear. Dammit! (That's about as profane as I will get on my bloggie.)Images of breezy emergency hospital gowns races through my brain. We turn the corner into a parking lot and exchange numbers, blah-blah-blah. The kid was very sweet and apologetic, and Greenie's rear was fine. And I am fine, too. Just annoyed. That's my word of the day. Annoyed. No more driving on Friday. Unless I work. That's IT. And taekwondo. That's IT. Just leave my bumper alone, goofy drivers! Hrumph. I am having taekwondo withdrawal but feel too snarky and crummy to go. Will go back next week. At least I don't have to worry about snakes on a plane-- just taps on a bumper. Love, Lolo

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Thursday Night

Hi there-- I can't believe it's almost Friday already! It's been a very busy week. I haven't been home much this week... I need to go back to Taekwondo, but I've either been home too late or too tired...I think I need an antibiotic. It's been awhile in between infections. I will work on Saturday and perhaps veg out at Gravel Lake on Sunday. I have a huge week ahead! RetroFest is next Saturday...a huge event I've co-planned for months at the library. Love, Lolo

Friday, August 11, 2006

Russ Forest Blurred

Hi again, I thought I'd use one of my photographs to make this blog more interesting. This one is called Russ Forest Blurred. Steve and I were driving home from Gravel Lake and I took this photo while we were driving throught the forest. I thought of using this photo to collage the front of my book Adventures with Greenie. (The book is in the works.) Please let me know which car story (email or blog) you like the most and I will be sure to include it! Love, Lolo

Thursday, August 10, 2006


Hi there, Today seemed like a Monday: sleepy and grumpy. The weather seemed condusive to this mood: muggy and cloudy. Gray. Bleah. Pfffttttt. A raspberry day. Pffffffftttttt. I found a scrap of paper with my scrawl on it. Inside was a surprise (not my chewed up gum): a lost (and now found) haiku... a Monday morning-- tiring as it may be wish you energy. lolo 2006 I wish you a happy and energetic weekend. TGIF! Love, LoLo

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

House of Goob

Hi there! One of my girlfriends sent me a post mentioned for gardening and I learned people name their homes, especially in England, love. Since I named our cars Greenie and Kumi, I figured why not? Which name is the question. Here are some I mustered up: 1.) Experimental Weed Farm (lifted from a garden stone. It's sort of true.) 2.) Les Chauteaux de Chats (House of Cats.) 3.) Poets House (It would technically be poet house since Steve writes other stuff besides poetry...) 4.) Chez Sigety (Sounds like Chef--ain't gonna happen on my end in this lifetime.) 5.) Casa de Sigety (Sounds like a food dish. Unless our house is Candyland, won't do.) 6.) Cat Scratch Fever (Cats are hissing and fighting as I write this post.) And then I thought...and as my darling husband pointed out...I have two simultaneous laptops up and running (one work-microsoft word and one for the internet ) and in-between e-mails I'm playing Brain Age on my new Nintendo DS. I have come to the conclusion that I am Queen of Goob (another word for gaming) and since Steve and I both game... the name of our house shall be christened House of Goob. Oops, need to sign off... I need to apply more masking tape to my geek chics (lo-speak for glasses.) Geekily Yours, Love lolo xoxo P.S. My Brain Age is 33 today. P.S.S. If I start naming the blender, call the doctor. Immediately.

Monday, August 07, 2006

August Posting and Cubbies Game

Happy August! I've been scratching my legs from mosquito bites and have bandaids on my hands from blisters from raking the yard... happy August! The yard can be a dangerous place! I visited a friend recently and she inspires me so much with her artistic talents. Who knew zinnias (annuals) could make such a gorgeous display in the back yard? And the patio work they did was amazing! Life is like a garden...always a work in progress. Hmm, I may sneak over to get more ideas again next year... there's still hope for me for a nice autumn garden. The six of us visited the cubbies in Wrigley Field. It was kewl. I felt like a Brady girl sans two with our matching cubbie hats and t-shirts. We gawked at the bleacher bums (rowdy sports types who heckle the outfielders) and sang during the 7th inning stretch. My mother and husband also rescued me from the drunken frat fans beside me. Later, we ate pizza and walked home. The view from the 19th floor at the Astor place was so kewl. More Later! Love, Lolo

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