Friday, February 29, 2008

February 29

Happy Leap Day!
Happy Leap Night!
I'm just sitting
and blogging
by candlelight.

I think it will be a tradition from now on. Cue up the laptop, turn down the lights, light the candles, and blog. I've read that a lot of writers have their own rituals.
When I do a little more research, I'll share what I find.

This past week I've read two fun books: Hide and Seek by Fern Michaels and
Plum Lucky by Janet Evanovich. Both are fun reads. I laughed out loud in a restaurant during a passage in Evanovich's book--a sign of a successful read.

Tomorrow will be March! Let's hope for a spring reprieve!


Friday, February 22, 2008

Toenail Polish, Geek Chics, and Taekwondo

(Geek Chics Photograph Courtesy of Lori Caskey Sigety February 2008)

It's been a busy Friday. I was tired of having tacky toes for taekwondo class, so I made an appointment to have my nails polished. The salon didn't have my Vampire State Building flavor, but they did have a sultry berry color. So I obliged. It was lovely, with the vibrating massage chair and the foot bubble bath. And the technician was kind to my tender little toes.

There was one logistical problem: I couldn't wear my boots for an hour and a half after they were polished.(They give you flimsy paper slippers.) So with gauze between each toe and with paper slippers, I managed to carefully hobble out to the car in the middle of winter with exposed toes. (But it was a nice day for February.) It must've looked silly to have my hat, coat, scarf, and gloves on with my jeans rolled up and my bare feet exposed in paper slippers.

And I realized I had to run an errand. I needed to pick up my new glasses and contact lenses! Will they kick me out if I come in with my bare feet exposed in paper slippers? So I gently hobble in the door and the eye tech (and my friend) started laughing at me, especially after I told her the story. And my glasses are tres geek chic! I love them, although still not comfortable in glasses after all these years. Those formative years with the coke bottle glasses were traumatic. Thank goodness for contact lenses. I also attended taekwondo. Poor Steve was scared when I came home carrying his wooden sword (I have to know a sword routine to promote to red belt.) He would not hug me until I put it down. Poor Steve. I then saw my folks. Now I'm home, relaxing, and blogging.

Love, Lolo

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunday Night Blog: Continuation of the List

(Library Amaryllis: Photograph Courtesy of LCS. February 2008)


How many items did I accomplish on my list today?

1.) Slept in (until almost noon)

2.) Ate brunch

3.) Went out and purchased cell phone (it's pink)

4.) Worked out (Trampoline and forms)

5.) Practiced on marimba

6.) Paid two bills

7.) Cleaned kitchen instead of master bedroom

8.) Checked email

Not too bad... I'm sure I'll have more for the week. Hope you have a lovely week!



Saturday, February 16, 2008

Saturday Night Scribe: Blogging by Candlelight

(Jack the Cat with Remote, February 2008)


It's actually been almost a week since my last posting! Perhaps a case of mid-winter writer's block? No... I was writing in a different capacity last week; cranking out two reports: a monthly narrative and a nineteen-page annual report for libraryland. So glad it's done and off my back so I can come back to writing more blogs.
One night last week, Jack the Cat was sitting in an upright position like a human. So, we slipped the remote controller under his paw and took this photograph. I wonder what TV show he was watching?
Last night, we hosted film night with a women's group and it was so much fun! There were about fifteen of us...and Steve.(He hid after sampling the food.) We had an anti-Valentine theme and watched the following movie entitled The Shape of Things. It's arty, based on a stage play, and quite cynical. I enjoyed it. The four main characters were a trip. The soiree ended last night, or should I say this morning at 1:15 a.m. Having friends hang around late (or early) is a sign of a happy party. :)
This morning I paid for my late-night entertaining. The Saturday morning taekwondo was especially brutal for me; but I love and appreciate the cardio. We were rolling on mats, running and doing flying sidekicks (which was fun) on top of bagwork (which was hard for me today.)
I feel so much better after being there, no matter how tired I am from the week, feeling stronger in mind-body-spirit.
I am currently reading a book I found on the blog and requested it to be ordered for libraryland:
To-Do List by Sasha Cagen. (Info about Sasha and the book is listed here.) It's a compilation of lists written and sent by people from all proverbial walks of life from the basic grocery list to the meaning -of-life lists. (I learned I am not the only one who writes a list after the tasks are completed, as scratching them off is such a feeling of accomplishment!)
I find that creating lists gets the random thoughts out of my head and onto the page and therefore I am controlling the tasks (instead of the reverse.) This is a wise tip from Steve.
Here is my To-Do List for Tomorrow:
1.) Sleep in
2.) Eat Breakfast
3.) Read Sunday paper (possibly in the p.m. if I sleep too late.)
4.) Check Email (same as #3)
5.) Get ready for Church (10 a.m.)
6.) Attend Services (Faith Apostolic this week.)
7.) Go to mall and get a real cell phone
8.) Pay Bills
9.) Practice forms for Taekwondo
10.) Clean master bedroom
11.) Ice skate
12.) Prepare for the week (write another list of what I need to do.)
That should be enough for tomorrow. ;)
P.S. Greenie turned 60,000 miles today!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Monday snowfall

Winter weather combined with a full moon emerging makes for a rough day. Well, I wrote a haiku commiserating my mood:
Monday snowfall covers
February skies
sneaky full moon rises
(LCS 2008)
I'm anticipating a happier Tuesday.
Love, Lolo

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Dave Matthews and Amy Winehouse: An Eclectic, Jazzy, Musical Evening

I was fortunate enough to have a snow day so I didn't have play library today. But, I did play library at home; since it was frigid outside I sequestered myself to my studio with the laptop and the jambox and listened to music. The album I chose tonight was slightly retro: Crash by The Dave Matthews Band. The music was easy enough so I could concentrate on my reports but not too soothing so I didn't fall asleep on the laptop. Here's a few lyrics from the song
Two Step:
Celebrate we will
Because life is short but sweet for certain
We're climbing two by two
To be sure these days continue
These things we cannot change...
Things we cannot change
At 8:00 p.m. I cleaned up the studio and headed downstairs to watch the Grammys. I was so happy to see that Amy Winehouse won four Grammys already. I really like her album Back to Black.
Love, Lolo

Friday, February 08, 2008

Freaky Fun Friday

It's been a fast and furious Friday. I visited my optometrist this morning, tolerated the numbing eye drops and the glaucoma test, and dealt with dialated eyes. I must have looked like an addict, because they were huge and freaky! Sadly, my vision worsened a bit, so we're trying new contacts with a higher power. I am actually looking forward to getting older so when I start becoming far-sighted, my vision will actually improve. Still too chicken for laser surgery. (Cluck cluck) But anyway, I bought a groovy new pair of glasses. Tres chic, dahling. New geek chics for a new year.
I am presented with the lovely fake plastic sunglasses that look like 3-D glasses and thank goodness for them, because with the brightness and the snow outside, it would have been miserable. (This is what a vampire must feel like during the daytime.)

Then off to buy pizza for staff (last day for one of my staff), and found out the order was placed by staff, but they didn't have it on the computer. Great. The pizza place apologized profusely and gave me a deal on the one pizza, which was nice. Also, that store was robbed earlier this morning, so I was thinking, I'm visually impared waiting forever for pizza and how will I defend myself if the robber comes back? Didn't have to worry, because the pizza was ready and I was off to the library. I dropped of food, sampled the pizza to make sure it was safe for consumption :), dropped off a group good-bye gift to staff, gave her a hug, and left.

Took a power nap with Jack the cat on my feet and Latte under the covers before taekwondo or I would have never made it through class. (Snoring during class is not good for boosting class morale.) After class, I rushed home, talked to Mom (phone) and Steve (person), jumped in the shower, cleaned up and drove over to Sunny's Korean Restaurant to meet one of my closest friends. We enjoyed a delightful vegetarian meal, hot tea, and a slice of cheesecake. Mmmm.

One more thing--I finally finished a book. It's called Away by Amy Bloom. It takes place in the 1920's and the protagonist, Lillian, is forced to leave Russia to the United States. This book could be summed up in three words: slinky and survival. I would definitely have a box of bon-bons handy. I would not recommend listening to this book in the car... it would definitely cause a fender bender during some of the scenes. Anyway, it's another book I can post on my Goodreads Page.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

cactus flower for happy inga day

(Spiral Cactus Flower II, 2006)


Hope you are having a good day. It was a rough one for me--very busy and very snowy. This is the time of year where I pull out the Hawaiian tropic sunning oil, put a dab on my arms and smell like summer at the beach. I am also drawn to flowers and nature, which is why I have enclosed a photograph of a cactus flower I took a couple of years ago in Michigan.

I met two artists last night who inspired me to revisit some of the photography I have done recently. One is a sculptor and one is a photographer. Steve and I visited their studio and it was so much fun. Their hospitality and good vibes are amazing. If you want to know who these artists are, send me an email and I will send you their names and websites. (I want to protect privacy on this blog.)

I'm also giving a shout out to my friend inga, who is celebrating her birthday today! Happy happy inga day!

More Later,
Love, Lolo

Sunday, February 03, 2008

The Trio's Experience


There were eight of us who celebrated my friend's birthday last night. She made reservations for a new restaurant/jazz club called Trio's. I loved the experience-from the modern look outside to when you open the doors (or rather, a host opens it for you)-to the moment when the host wishes us goodnight and opens the door again.

Since I fixed my hair (no hat), applied war paint, and donned a short skirt (well, short for me-knee length), Steve dropped me off and parked the car. In the comfortable foyer, I rested on the couch and struck up a conversation with a classy lady concerning the menu and the music. She recommended the sweet potatoes-there's actually brown sugar on top! Mmm. It was nice to have met her. She was off to see the musical Evita (which is why parking was scarce.)

As we entered the place, small colorful lamps dangled from the ceiling over the tables, and artwork adorned the walls. The left side of the place, which was not in a straight line, but rather curved, contained dining tables of all sizes. The right side was the jazz club. There was a brick wall where the musicians played (could not see what kind of drumset the drummer was playing.)

The cool thing was that everything was open so you could hear the music while you were eating.

The restrooms were located in the back- very classy and clean. Modern.

As the night flew by, I noticed my music teacher (band) from high school dining at the round table near us. I did not know if he recognized me (he did), but I saw him, we hugged, and chatted. He was very sweet and asked about my sister and I. Before leaving the table, I thanked him for bringing music into my life and we hugged again.

Now, I visit the ladies room and after washing my hands and fixing my hair there is a lady talking on the cell phone. It turns out she is one of my patrons. She tells the person on the phone

that it is Lori from the branch. (Oh, goodness. That hasn't happened for a long time.) We waved goodbye and I take the long stroll back to our table.

I almost ended this blog without mentioning the cuisine (id alert.) It was sooooo tasty. I ordered the sweet potatoes, and then Leek soup (to die for), and then the Penne Pasta with shrimp (mmm.) So decadent. We all kind of passed plates around and sampled food--especially dessert.

Chocolate cake and Creme Broulet (sp). I could only have a nibble because it was sooo sweet!

And Steve and I both enjoyed hot tea and ice water.

We ended the evening around midnight. It was a four-hour dining experience with wonderful people. Thank you for letting me share this evening with you.



Saturday, February 02, 2008

Happy February

Hello, I need to be working on my annual report but I have been doing other things instead like housework and surfing the web. :) It's been a good weekend so far... I am very excited that we will be trying out a new restaurant in town... it's called Trio's. It's a jazzy place in downtown South Bend. I'll give you the scoop on the dining experience. This morning I attended class as a brown belt for the first time. We started working on the sword form and Taegout(sp) 6. It's really cool. It's hard to get the sword back in the belt, but I will keep working on it. More Later! Love, Lolo

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