Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011:The Year of the Odd

The year 2011 has been odd. From the, odd is defined as not expected, regular, or planned. I think that is the perfect word describing 2011; the year of the odd. Here's a quaint little poem to sum it up: 2011: Year of the Odd Odd was good, Odd was bad, Odd was surprising; Odd was staid. Odd was fun, Odd was sad, Odd was surmising; Odd was played. Odd was serene Odd was glad, Odd was surviving; Odd now fades. Wishing you and yours a peaceful 2012. Thank you for reading my blog. -xo

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas and Article

Okay, enough of Christmas already. I'm tired. The good news of the day is that Howard Dukes wrote a wonderful article about my book in the writer's section. I am very pleased with how the article turned out. I also have to thank K. and C. from my MLS class for showing it to him. I will forever be grateful.,0,4556889.story

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Hello-idays

(Photograph by SJS/2011) Welcome, December 24. These next two days are a mixed bag for me--as well for a lot of people-- emotionally. I'm happy that I'm surviving the season and doing well. This season, starting with Thanksgiving, Steve and I truly started creating our own traditions, not buying (too much) into the hype, pressure, fa-la-la and blah-blah-blah of what holidays are supposed to be. (No wonder therapist's offices are so busy this time of year with familial conflicts at the turkey table and high expectations around a forced Christmas tradition.) I've learned some lessons about the seasons and life in general: create your own joy, don't wait around for others to create happiness, joy, and peace in your life. It has to come from within; yes, I'm a slow learner. Better late then never. My vocabulary pertaining to this season has shifted (and if you have been reading this blog long enough, you know this) it was first the holidays. Then came the hellidays after losing my mother and two beloved cats. Now I am transitioning to a point of the hello-idays, which is a new focus. My vocabulary shift means that healing has taken place... and will continue to as the seasons continue to shift. I wish you love and peace whether you are celebrating the holidays, hellidays, or hello-idays. xoxo

Friday, December 23, 2011

Author Affirmation

Request it Add to cart Explore Classic catalog In the family of trees : selected poems and photographs, 1991-2011 / Lori Caskey Sigety ; [editing and layout by Stephen J. Sigety] Sigety, Lori Caskey. [Mishawaka, Ind.] : Marimba and Ice Books, 2011. BOOK My rating Average of 0 ratings: 0 stars. Add a Review Add a Tag Add a Comment SYSTEM RECORD - System Record - ARP Record (SA) - Show all copies/volumes Location Call No. Status System Record ARP Record (SA) SYSTEM RECORD SB Main Non-Fiction 811.54 Si22i IN PROCESS Francis Adult Nonfiction 811.54 Si22i IN PROCESS Centre Twp Adult Nonfic 811.54 Si22i IN PROCESS German Twp Adult Nonfic 811.54 Si22i IN PROCESS River Park Adult Nonfic 811.54 Si22i IN PROCESS Tutt Adult Nonfiction 811.54 Si22i IN PROCESS LaSalle Adult Nonfiction 811.54 Si22i IN PROCESS More Details Description 1 v. (unpaged) ; : col. ill. ; 26 cm. Note "Lori Caskey Sigety's book In the Family of Trees contains poems ranging from her first creative writing class at age twenty, to teaching communications and writing classes at age thirty-nine. The poems span almost twently years and take inspiration from travels in Indiana, Michigan and Illinois. The color photographs capture the scenery of Indiana and Michigan. Some of Lori's poems have been published previously, others have just emerged from her journals"--back cover. "A Marimba and Ice Book." Subject American poetry -- Middle West. Middle West -- Pictorial works. Middle West -- Poetry. Viewing my title in a public library bibliographic record with copies in process is such an affirmation of being an author. Not only are people purchasing copies for individual libraries--and I love you and thank you for that-- persons are now utilizing public funds to purchase multiple copies of my book for public libraries. I am humbled and deeply touched. This book has been a gift for many reasons, not just personally but for the Universe. I aspire to continue using words and photographs to pay it forward.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Holiday Hairapy

Yes, I have bangs again. This time, I had them professionally cut and styled. My arsenol of hair products includes two flat irons and a lot of hairspray. Fortunately, since my hair is coarse and dry, it doesn't have to be shampooed often, so I can wash and flat iron my bangs and the rest of my hair, if I so choose. I needed a change of style. Plus, my bangs are long enough that I can style with my longer hair back if I choose to keep the tresses curly.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sunny Sunday at Merrifield Park

It's a lovely Sunday afternoon and I took advantage of the sunshine. After lathering on sunscreen--even in the winter--I took my license, park id, ice skates, three dollars I borrowed from Steve-- and drove to Merrified Park. I brought my skates, paid my fee, turned on the itunes, and just started skating laps around the rink. I almost had the rink to myself, which is even more lovely. After the first couple cautious laps to get my bearings-- or my ice legs--, I just zoned out and skated to music. I'm sure the other skaters appreciated my occasional breaking into song, but what's more amusing than a skating serenade on a Sunday afternoon? It was the best three dollars spent; perhaps I will purchase a season pass. Hopefully, the skating session will help counteract the multitude of gastronomic sins I have committed in the past month.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wednesday Night and Wallflowers

Well, I didn't attend class because it's over (sniff), but Steve and I did go out to dinner to celebrate the end of another successful MLS semester. I received an A-! Cheers! When we ventured out, I was inspired to keep writing a story that's based on flowers that I draw on ink. They're called "The Wallflowers". I have a story synoposis and I'm going to start an illustrated book about them. It will be interesting to see what transpires from the characters.

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Last Foodie Lit Class :(

Usually I'm happy at the end of the semester, celebrating accomplishments and what I learned. And honestly, there have been classes where I have felt like "THANK GOD IT's OVER!" Tonight was a night where I was actually, well... sad. The "What's For Dinner: The Poetics and Politics of Food" 500-level Humanities course I took was one of the best courses I have ever taken. Many classmates echo my sentiment: it's a life-changer. I have altered the way I view food and food consumption. However, I have eaten MORE this semester and need to go to Zumba or belly dancing or ice skating. Anyway, I'm sad it's over and hopefully my professor will offer a foodie sequel. :)

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Happy December

Happy December! I am a little late; it is December 6. I am standing by the old adage that "late is better than never." Like everyone else, Steve and I have been extremely busy. Doesn't it seem like everything--including gatherings--occur on the same date at the same time? This happened several times already in the past week and a half during the second and third days of teaching courses this month. I had a Lia Sophia soiree scheduled on Tuesday night and a presentation at Greenwood Public Library on Thursday. Fortunately, I communicated with my supervisor prior to signing the monthly agreement to teach. (Yay for good communication and a supportive supervisor.) Everything turned out fine. The soiree went well; my friends hosted "the man show." Men showed up to shop and purchase baubles for partners and spouses. It was great. I may try out more "man shows" next year. Thursday Steve and I travelled to Indy and Greenwood to present and stay overnight. Our presentation was twofold: to give writer's inspiration and writing props; and to educate people on how to publish using CreateSpace. There were at least seventeen people. I met lovely new people and Greenwood Public Library staff was fantastic. K. (and D.) spoiled us with an honorarium,swag,and dinner. I have to say that Steve was quite the trooper, as he fought a nasty cold for two days last week. Honestly, the rest of the weekend was a blur of festivities. It was nice--and exhausting. I'm still dragging this week. Once class is over for the semester at IU and my class is over for the month at BMC, I will be able to catch my breath, reflect on the successes of the year, and relax until January.

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