The Big Sleep

Good morning, It's been awhile since I posted. I had a slight asthmatic episode on Wednesday combined with an upper respiratory infection. So I've been sleeping for the last two days. I didn't even get dressed yesterday. Time to shower and relax. My body is telling me to SLOW DOWN... and breathe. And slowly I am returning to the world. And getting the stupid air ducts cleaned in the house. Hey, I can sacrifice 200+ dollars for clean air. If it means we'll be healthier, it's all worth it. Have a good weekend, Love, Lolo


usuallyemily said…
your body is definitely worth $200! YOU are worth more than that. i had a friend who always bought organic and fresh food and paid extra money for it and said that was something she would pay more for because it turns into her! your food/air/water is YOU! :)

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