Saturday, February 17, 2007

NewTemplate and the Big Heave

Hi There! I upgraded my blog and it has a different look. Hope you like it! A funny thing happened on Thursday. Jack the Wondercat has been a little gimpy lately, so he has to take Prednizone. Steve attempts to crumple and hide the pills in tuna, so we call it "tuna time." Well, Jack is getting wise to us and is spitting the pills out. So, Steve attempts to fix it by giving Jack Prednizone in cheese. American cheese. Lots of cheese. A plethora of frickin' cheese. It is Thursday morning and my morning to sleep in. Ha! I hear horrible coughing at the foot of the bed. (Mind you, I am still sleeping in bed.) Then I hear this horrible gagging sound and yep-you got it-the big heave. All over the foot of the bed. All the way through to the mattress. And on the floor. The poor cat groaned and showed a bit of shame by hiding under the bed. He groans and gets sick under the bed. We find out the hard way that Jack has lactose issues. After his dramatic groaning and hurling, Jack saunters downstairs an proceeds to eat breakfast. Lovely. That's my boy! Now I'm up and exhausted, and Steve is helping me with the sheets and clean up. Now it is much more amusing than Thursday. On a more appetizing note, I finished a great read by Nicholas Sparks entitled Dear John. It's a speedy and meaningful read, and on the Best Sellers List. More later-- Have a great weekend. :) Love, Lolo

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usuallyemily said...

hey missy! nice template! ;)

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