Friday, March 02, 2007

Hi, Jack, and Greenie


Happy March! I had difficulty getting into my blog to post. I ended up going to the comments part, signing in that way, and then using the dashboard. (I feel very sneaky. Ha Ha Ha)

Despite the snow and howling wind, I am so glad to see March arrive! February was just brutal for us. Anyhoo, after a two-week hiatus I am returning to taekwondo. I have slept all day like a big cat, so I should be well-rested. If I start grooming myself in class, call the vet(LOL). Jack is now grooming Java's head. And she just smacked him. Enough, already!

Jack the cat may have used one of his nine lives, but he has returned to health. He has congestion and asthma (sounds familiar). He just needed a shot of steroids in the bum and he was doing much better. No cancer, liver levels are better, and he does need to have his bladder stones removed, but it's not an emergency.
Thanks to all of you for your kind words.

Good news! Greenie the Wondercar is paid off! (Just a stupid loan payment of like $40.00 and she's mine mine mine!) It will be nice to have one car paid off--it will help with Jack the Cat's vet bills. We're going to make him go to work soon. :p

Oh, BTW, read Marley & Me by Josh Grogan. It's a true story about the world's worst dog. It was (sniff) a recommended read! I'm lately attracted to reading stories written by columnists. First Erma Bombeck (rest her soul), then
Carl Hiasssen, then Josh Grogan...I am seeing a trend.

Happy Weekend!
Love, Lori

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