Thursday, April 05, 2007

Drumming and Cat Drama


It's been an interesting week (as always). I started drum classes again on Monday evenings. It's very exciting to get back into it. Need to purchase a djembe (African drum).

This week we suspected that our outside cat, Expresso, is expecting. She seems larger on some days than others (kittens are moving around). She was in the process of building a nest behind one of the bushes in the front yard. With the cold weather snap we are experiencing, there is no way we are going to let her have kittens in the front yard. Steve called the Humane Society and
they said to bring her in.
Monday Expresso was gone. We were afraid she had her kittens already.

Wednesday morning she appeared in the backyard near the pond where she was happily munching on a bird (gross--I know it's nature but ewww!). Steve went outside, fed her cat food, and then placed her in a box. She happily jumped back out and looked at him. He then asked me to get a lid to place over the box (mind you, I am also getting ready for work when all this drama was happening.) He placed her in the box, and covered the box (not completely, of course) with a lid. She freaked and wiggled out. Steve then went into the basement and took out the cat carrier (this is like the parting of the sea for our indoor cats--they were nowhere to be seen.)

He then took her to the Humane Society. Later, when I called they confirmed she was pregnant.

This is strange, but last night I was depressed! I became attached to her and her visits. And Steve gently talked to me and said that Jack will be having surgery soon (bladder surgery) so we will need to be able to take care of our other three. And of course, he is right!

At least Expresso and kittens-to-be are safe from weather and predators. (*sniff*)

But I miss her.

Love, Lolo

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Carmela said...

believe it or not i once saw some african drums at tj maxx. I thought it was a funny thing to sell but then i realized they had them for people to decorate with.

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