Friday, April 27, 2007

Freaky Friday Morning

Hello! It was a hectic morning but there was a lesson to be learned today. I woke up on the proverbial wrong side of the bed this a.m., only to be treated to a lukewarm shower. (Hubby's already expressed his regret and sorrow for using all the hot water, so he's off the hook). I realize I have to gas Greenie up before taking her to the car hospital for the 52,000 mile checkup. Oh, joy. At the gas station there is a line and the pre pay credit machines weren't working properly. So when I am waiting to gas up in the rain after I prepaid, the cashier announces for me to come in and prepay for gas. I already did! So I go back in, explain the situation, and she activates the pump for me. Great, I have only ten minutes to get to Greenie's Hospital. Grrr. A car cuts me off as I am pulling out to catch the light. I keep both paws on the steering wheel(resisting the occasional urge to make eye contact or form any kind of naughty gesture). Of course, the light is red. No left turn on red. I do manage to arrive on time. I waited in the waiting room and was trying to tune out Regis and Kelly blaring on the tv (can only take Kelly in small doses--this morning was not one of them) while trying to read Kurt Vonnegut. The driver (there is shuttle service at the car hospital) herds the car parents (including me) to the van. I apparently point in the wrong direction but I do tell him the right address. He sighs heavily and rolls his eyes. He was very grumpy in the car and I felt uncomfortable like I was bothering him. Wait a minute... I am paying three hundred dollars for oil change, new brake pads (they were 90% worn--yikes), yada yada yada, and other minor Greenie maladies (new tires are next on the list.)I was furious at how this person was treating me. After he dropped me off, I stormed into the house, took deep breaths, and proceeded to call the Greenie Hospital and asked for a manager. The manager asked me what was going on and I unloaded my frustration (add in my morning frustrations) out on him. And the story twists a bit... this guy was awesome!He is a manager I aspire to be. He listened, gave me his apologies, and assured me that the next car ride would be a pleasant experience. And it was. They called me to tell me the car was finished and that the shuttle driver would be there in just a few minutes. He thanked me for complaining! The driver pulled up in the driveway and was so kind to me. He apologized and I thanked him and all was well. We had a nice conversation. And he dropped me off right next to the door to the Automobile ER. He really is a nice guy. The awesome manager came to me afterwards and asked if everything was ok. I said, yes it was a pleasant drive. He took time to talk to me after I placed tire tracks on my credit card for Greenie's release. (Greenie, like the cats, is really going to have to find work to pay for all this nonsense.) So the manager backs the car out for me since another vehicle blocks my way. Another twist in this story--he explains that this driver is going to be an officer and he knew the police officers who were shot this week. Yikes. That's why he was off-kilter. I thanked the manager for informing me and wished both of them well. I drove home, re-learning a lesson-- seek to understand. That's a rule of Covey. Have a good weekend :) Love, Lolo


usuallyemily said...

good post. you are the best!

Anonymous said...

and forgive.
for what is judgement?
absence of love.

lolo said...

Who are you, anonymous?
Thank you for leaving a comment.

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