The Four Agreements and 10 Ways to Reduce Stress in Your Life

Hello, again! I am making up for lost time on the net and blogging. I was cleaning my living room and found these tips (verbatim)from The Crystal Connection newsletter: 1. Add more fun to your life! Do things you enjoy and enjoy what you do. 2. Get enough sleep and rest! Your body must recharge an discharge tension. 3. Express your feelings! Unexpressed emotions are the seeds of stress, pain, and illness. 4. Laugh often! Laughter is a great tension breaker and it enhances the immune system. 5. Exercise! 6. Love more! 7. Eliminate self-pity! 8.Develop meaningful relationships! 9.Alter beaviors and attitude! 10. Learn relaxation techniques! Read The Four Agreements. It rocks. I own a copy. Love, Lolo


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