Happy Weekend

To catch you up to speed, Steve managed to put Butterscotch the Cat in the carrier and took her to the Humane Society. Poor thing. She was too confused to be left in the wild to fend for herself. Jack the Wondercat was taken to the V-E-T on Friday and had to have a shot of cortizone for his asthma. Someone recently inquired if Jack was human. I would say yes until he lifts his leg and starts grooming, occasionally on my dining room table. That's my boy! Give Steve a big sloppy kiss! Hubby and I travelled to Gravel Lake today for the first time in 2007. It was a lot of fun. I visited some friends down the beach and then Mom and I ventured to a wonderful little flower shop near Paw Paw, Michigan. There were beautiful flowers for a reasonable price! I splurged and purchased flowers for my mothers and a tomato plant in a pot. I just love fresh tomatoes! Tomorrow I will be dividing my time between gardening, doing libraryland work, and dining with the Moms tomorrow night. I need another week to catch up! More Later! Enjoy your Mother's Day. Love, Lolo


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harro rrorro!



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