Friday, May 04, 2007

Vampires at the Lab, Butterscotch, and Jujutsu

Hi! I hope you enjoyed the beautiful day today. I did! I took my poor husband to the clinic to have blood drawn. He was woozy, but he was a trooper. We made a deal--if he visited the doctor for a checkup and bloodwork, I'd go for a mammogram in October. Oh, snap. Now I have to go. (Maybe he'll forget.) Well, Butterscotch the stray kitten allegedly belonged to a neighbor who also had a dog. She escaped. But the neighbor allegedly kept her in the basement all the time and didn't fare well with the large dog, so she's on her own. It's so pathetic--she meows all the time and eats so much. Hubby tried to put her in the carrier to take her to the Humane Society but she escaped. He'll try tomorrow. The Humane Society does a much better job of trying to place homes for pets, thanks to places like Pet Smart. I'd be devastated to see this cute kitty on the side of the road somewhere. We'd take her in but we'd be up to... four. Beyond legal and perhaps beyond sane. When we download the pics from the camera, we'll show a photo of her. On another note, I attended tae kwon do tonight. It was awesome. Master Sponseller brought in his Ju-Jitsu instructor in to show us cool techniques using neck breaks. We had to be very careful because they can be very dangerous. I climbed out of my safety zone and practiced(it's close contact)with women and men. Tomorrow I play library. Have a good night! Love, Lolo

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