Monday, June 25, 2007

Wounds, Prowlfest, and the Kitchen's too Clean to Cook


Hope you are well. Life is grand. My husband and cats (yes, plural)wounds are healing up nicely. I need a bloody vacation!!! I have been dividing up my time surviving summer reading, attacking my hairy yard, spending time with family/friends, squeezing in taekwondo, trying to lose my summer weight (Mom's
cooking suits me too well)and lightening the junk in da trunk with my evening power walks, reading Elizabeth Adler's Sailing to Capri, writing when I can, and trying to sleep as much as possible.

Last weekend I spent a fun evening out with the girls. Our grrl group hung out at a friend's house and then went dancing at this nightclub. Of course, I dressed up prudishly in jeans and a light sweater, showing bits of skin here and there.(Yes, I let my forearms show.)And my grrlfriends looked fabulous! But oh my gosh... there were some outfits I wouldn't wear in my own home! It used to be really classy with upscale professional types. Now it was just... prowlfest.

I found another excuse not to cook... my kitchen's too clean! Seriously, I spent a couple of hours Sunday really sprucing up the joint, clearing the dust rabbits that migrated on the stovetop and everything. Then, what to have for dinner? Logan's. Yup.
The kitchen's too clean to cook. (That's just as good of an excuse as not mowing the lawn because the ducks are nesting).

And the service at Logan's restaurant was awesome!

Have a good week.


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