Friday, June 01, 2007

Yar! Pirates!

A-Hoy Mateys!

Last Wednesday night Steve and I viewed Pirates of the Caribbean III. It rocks as much or more than the first two! I won't give out spoilers for you pirate-philes out there (yes I made up a new word). I love Johnny Depp!

Steve and I take turns watching moovies that ordinarily we wouldn't watch. We originally started 100 movies in 100 days in 2005-2006, but with all the real drama that was going on in 2006, we decided to postpone it. Who knows, maybe we will still write a book on 100 movies, and use the following rating systems:

Lolo's favorite moovie food is Twizzlers. I would use the four-bag rating system to evaluate the moovie.

Steve's favorite moovie food is Raisonettes. He would use the four-box rating system to evaluate the moovie. I googled an image search and there was nothing on Raisonettes! We'll just have to sneak a box home and take a foto! I'll send the pirates out after them! YAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!


VikingMoose said...

[scene: Staeve hurrying up to the concessions stand] Raisinettes [hurries off]

usuallyemily said...

i like your graphics. :) fun!

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