Birthday and Lake Adventure Part One

Hello! It's been a great vacation! Turning 36 has been fun. Yay!

My parents, in-laws, and hubby and I went to a fun restaurant and then came back for presents. My wardrobe experienced a much-needed make-over.

Also, we went to the Lake on Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday to run away from home and responsibility and relax. My folks generously offered up their summer place for a relaxing destination. It was fun. We packed our stuff, patted the grumpy kitties on their heads, filled their food bowls to the hilt, and left for a couple of days.

We had a false start--I forgot my keys halfway there so Steve and I returned back home. We finally arrive at our destination, ready to start our mini-getaway...

And I try the keys to the door. All the keys. Twice. Three times. None of them worked. I get on the cell phone and call home. During the adventure between Mom's call to Dad to Dad letting us in, we traveled to a Metropolis called Marcellus and found this darling library called Marcellus Township Library. Originally built in the 1920's, with red brick and a green roof. (And the bathroom works well, too.)

The staff member we talked to was quite friendly. All the staff worked there part-time. We arrived back to the Lake and were rescued by Dad. And so our adventure begins.
The photo was taken by Steve on our bike ride around the lake! This was a cool pagoda and it made for an interesting picture, especially with the color contrasts.

Stay tuned for the next installment of anniversary and vacation!


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