Sunday, September 23, 2007

Autumn, Borat, Ed Murrow,and Rotten Tomatoes

Happy autumn! Although the weather feels like July, the falling leaves on the ground and the shorter nights remind me that fall is actually here. I love fall--the clothes, the colors, the leaves, back to school. And hopefully another cool spell will kill the germs that are migrating in the air.
I found this cool photo in my archives of a preying mantis perched on yellow flowers. We called him Zorak.
Steve ordered two movies from the library: Borat and good night, and good luck. Both movies are very different. The one aspect that is similar is the fact that both movies are politically incorrect. Borat is the story of a man from another part of the world who documents the customs of America. It's wrong in so many ways, but funny at the same time. You have to have an open mind (and a sick sense of humor) to enjoy Borat. good night, and good luck is the story about Edward Murrow and CBS in the time of McCarthyism (1950's). The music is jazz and I would like to purchase the soundtrack. Both movies received fresh tomatoes from This is a great website if you want to rate movies you are interested in viewing.

Have a great week!

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