Happy Friday!

I almost entitled this blog "Happy Thursday." I peeked at the clock and it is after midnight!
Therefore, Happy Friday!

My personal time flies by, especially when I am writing. That must mean it is a good thing. :)

I finished a book review for Public Libraries: Blogging and RSS: A Librarian's Guide by Michael P. Sauers. It's a good book. The RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is still a little foggy for me, but I enjoyed the blogging chapters. And the fact that Michael Stephens is quoted in the book was really cool. He is the god of the cyber world. I'm so lucky to have learned from his training.

I'm starting to prepare for brown belt in taekwondo. I am sore from sparring, but I am building my confidence to test later this fall.

More Later!

Love, Lolo


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